Beginner's Guide

Whether you should keep paper copies of your research

Generally, it is a good idea to keep paper copies of all your research, but there are a couple of reasons why you may decide to no longer keep printed copies of downloaded research and emails.

1.  A lack of space. As you accumulate information over the years, you may find that you no longer have enough space for all the paperwork.

2. The cost of printing. With rising costs of ink, toner and paper, you may be struggling to cover the costs involved in printing all your research.

For these reasons, you may decide to keep your downloaded research and emails on the computer.  If you were to take a laptop or smartphone on a research trip, you may also prefer to keep all your notes digitally as well.

If you were to keep this information on the computer, it is important to backup your files regularly, either using an online backup service, USB drives, CD/DVDs, or portable hard drives.

The following article gives some of the benefits and problems with both paper copies and computer files.