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The Prains of Longforgan

I have recently been in contact with a relative connected to Robert Prain born 1820 in Inchture, Perthshire. The question was raised as to how this person was related to me. My answer is that I don’t know yet. This did, however, lead me to do some research at the ScotlandsPeople website.

I had three different lines of Prains in my tree, that I hadn’t been able to connect yet. The line going back to William Prain and May Elder, who married in 1748 in Longforgan, the line back to John Prain and Elizabeth McWatty, who were married in 1747 in Inchture, and the line back to Henry Prain and Isobel Cock. No marriage has been found for Henry and Isobel, although their first child was christened in 1737 in Longforgan.
Since I was wanting to try and link the three families, I decided to search the Old Parish Registers from 1720 backwards. In order to be able to sort the entries by date, I transcribed the entries into Microsoft Excel.

image001After looking through the list, I decided to concentrate on the Prains from Longforgan, Abernyte and Kinnaird, as they appear to be the one family. Although they appears to be one family, I was still unable to trace each line back far enough to find how they were connected.

I have added the information I found to my tree, as well as set up a table listing the entries I found. This can be found here.

2 thoughts on “The Prains of Longforgan”

  1. Hi. I have arrived at your entry in searching for my own relatives called Prain in Longforgan. Your research is tantalising. I wonder if there is a way of linking this lot to my family tree. The earliest I have is a William Prain, born in Longforgan in 1732. We also have a line of Smiths working back from Helen Smith in the same area. This name was retained by three generations of John smith Prains and then by my grandmother and her sister. i can share more info. Hope to hear from you. Best wishes, Bryony Goode


    1. My records show that the William Prain born in 1732 in Longforgan was the son of James Prain and Katharine Lowson. James and Katharine were married 11 February 1731 at Inchture.

      The surname is uncommon enough to know that the families are connected, but since the same names were used in each family (James, William, John), it’s difficult to work out which marriage belongs to which.


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