52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks

52 Ancestors #6 William Edward Ball

Last week I looked at my ancestor, George Oliver.  As I don’t have much information on his wife, Elizabeth Ann Ball, I have decided to skip to Elizabeth’s father, William Edward Ball.

Elizabeth’s birth certificate stated that her father, William Edward Ball, was a storeman.  He was 31 years old, and had been born in Gottenburgh, Sweden.

At this stage, I have been unable to find out any further details on his birth, except for some papers that were sent to me a number of years ago, that had information on a Ball family with links to Sweden.  Amongst these papers was the following list:

James Ball of Gottenburgh married to Esther Elizabeth
30 November 1823
George Joseph Ball born 5 September 1824
William Edward Ball born 3 November 1825
Alfred Henry Ball born 1 August 1827
Frederick Leonard born 22 April 1830
James Ball of Gottenburg died 12th Augt 1834
William Ball of Herrington died 1st June 1841

William married Ann Slawson on 18 January 1855 at St Peter’s Church of England in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.  The marriage certificate states that William’s parents were James Ball and Esther Erickson.  This list does appear therefore to be for William’s family, which indicates that William was born 3 November 1825.

I have been unable to find any details about how William came to Australia, although I have been told that he named two of his daughters after the ship he came on.

There is an entry on the UK and Ireland, Masters and Mates Certificates, 1850-1927 collection at ancestry.com.au, which shows that William Edward Ball, received a Certificate of Competency as Master on 18 November 1853.  The index entry gives a birth date of 1825, birthplace Gothenburg, Sweden, and as he is listed as a mariner on his daughter Elizabeth’s marriage certificate, so this does appear to be for our William.  As the certificate was issued in London, this would indicate that he came to Australia between November 1853 and January 1855.

His children were:

  • Elizabeth Ann Ball born 1856 at Richmond
  • Emma Esther Ball born 1859 at Richmond
  • Alice Ida Ball born 1861 at Geelong
  • Clara Caroline Ball  born 1862 at Alberton
  • George Edward Ball born 1865 at Stringy’s Creek, Bairnsdale
  • Erick James Ball born 1868 at Lucknow
  • Florence Jessy Ball born 1871 at Bairnsdale
  • Martha Agnes Ball born 1873 at Lucknow
  • Edla Louisa Ball born 1876 at Lucknow
  • Christine Priscilla Ball born 1876 at Lucknow
  • Bertha Ellen Ball born 1878 at Bairnsdale

He died 19 February 1893 at Picnic Point, from accidental drowning.   A magisterial inquiry was held by J D Smith, J.P. on February 20 1893 (inquest number 209).  His death certificate lists his occupation as carter.

The following is an extract from the beginning of an article about his death.  The full article can be viewed at http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article91898904.

Death by drowning
DEATH BY DROWNING. (1893, February 21). Bairnsdale Advertiser and Tambo and Omeo Chronicle (Vic. : 1882 – 1918), p. 2 Edition: morning.. Retrieved November 20, 2014, from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article91898904