52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks

52 Ancestors #10 Susannah Campkin

Last week, my ancestor of the week was Frederick Oliver.  This week, my ancestor of the week is his wife, Susannah Campkin.  In my post about Frederick, I had the following information about Susannah:

  • Married Frederick Oliver 2 July 1846 in Melbourn, Cambridgeshire, England.  Her father was listed as Stephen Campkin, shoemaker.
  • Travelled to Australia with husband Frederick, and sons George and Ralph on the “Mary Shepherd”, arriving at Port Phillip on 4 April 1849.

After arriving in Port Phillip, she had three other children, Mary (born between 1849 and 1851) and died in 1851, Silvester born in 1852, and Agnes born in 1854.

In 1855 her husband Frederick died.  For many years, I was unable to find a death entry for her, but after buying the Birth, Death and Marriages indexes for Victoria on CD Rom, I decided to look to see if she had any other children, besides the children she had had with Frederick, and found the following 2 births, with the mother’s surname of Campkin:

STEPHENS Henry                       B                              William                    Susannah CAMPKIN RICH                         1864                        17653

STEPHENS Charles                     B                              William                    SusAh CAMPKIN RMOND                    1866                        10678

I then decided to look for a death entry with the surname Stephens, given name starting with Sus.

STEPHENS Susanna                    D                              Campion William                                     55                 U 1880        2502

Although her father’s surname was listed as William, and the surname was Campion, not Campkin, I decided to obtain this certificate, to see if this was our Susannah.

The certificate showed that Susanna Stephens died 29th March 1880 at Brighton Street, Richmond, from debility and exhaustion.  She was 55 years old. Her father was listed as William Campion, bootmaker, further particulars not known. The informant was her son John Stephens, of Brighton Street, Richmond.  The certificate showed that Susanna had been born in Melbourne, Cambridgeshire, England, and had lived for about 28 years in Victoria.  This indicated an estimated year of arrival of 1852.  Fortunately, the certificates for Victoria also give details for marriages and children, which helped to confirm this was our Susanna.  The certificate showed that her first marriage was to Frederick Oliver, and there were 3 children still living from this marriage: George age 32, Silvester age 29 and Agnes age 26.  Her second marriage was in Melbourne, Victoria, to William Stephens, and the following were the children listed to this marriage: John 21, Frederick dead, Susanna dead, Henry 14, Charles 11 and Emily 9.

A search of the Births, Deaths and Marriages indexes found the following children for William Stephens and Susannah Campkin:

  1. Frederick born 1858 (died 1861)
  2. John born 1858
  3. Sarah born 1860 (died 1861)
  4. Emma born 1862 (died 1863)
  5. Elizabeth born 1863 (died 1864)
  6. Henry born 1864
  7. Charles born 1866
  8. Emily born 1868
  9. James born 1871 (died 1871)

The next thing to do was to go back and try and find more information about Susannah before she married Frederick.

On the 1841 Census a Susanah Campkin was in the household of Stephen Campkin, at Lane, Melbourn, Cambridgeshire.  She was 14 years old.   Stephen was a shoemaker.

The Parish registers for Melbourn (on CD) had the following entry:

1827 Jun 15 Campkin Susanah of Stephen & Rebecca (BT Rebbecca) otp shoemaker born 14 May 1827.