52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks

52 Ancestors #11 Joseph Whimpey (1819-1902)

Previously, my ancestors of the week have been from my mother’s side of the family. This week I have decided to look at one of my ancestors on my father’s side of the family, my gg grandfather, Joseph Whimpey.

One of the first pieces of information on my family history I received was a group of documents that were sent to my dad from relatives in the United States.  This information included a family group sheet for Joseph’s parents, a personal history for Joseph, a copy of his death certificate, and his youngest son’s birth certificate.

The family group sheet, and the personal history, listed Joseph’s birth date as 13 August 1819, and that he had been born in Frome, Somerset, England.

Joseph’s death certificate showed he died 6 May 1902 in Tarnagulla, Victoria, Australia.  He was 83 years old, and had died from senile degeneration.  His rank or profession was bootmaker, and old age pensioner.  His father was William Whimpey.  The informant on his death certificate was a grandson, J. Whimpey, from Tarnagulla.  Joseph was buried in the Tarnagulla Cemetery.  The certificate showed that Joseph was born in Somersetshire, England, and that he had lived in Victoria for about 55 years.  The certificate also showed he had married Margaret Price at the age of about 30, in Breconshire, Wales.  His children were John, age 58 years, Elizabeth age 56, Joseph age 54, Eliza 51, and Isaac who was deceased.

The birth certificate for his son Isaac showed that Isaac was born in 1855 in Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia.  Joseph was listed as a shoemaker, aged 36 years, and he had been born in Frome, Somerset.  The certificate also showed that he married Margaret Price in 1840 in Beddwlty, Monmouthshire.  The certificate indicated Joseph and Margaret had five other children living, and four dead.

The Whimpey family was also the first family I researched when I started researching at my local library.  My local library had copies of the birth, death and marriage indexes for Victoria, an index of assisted immigrants to Victoria, and Post office directories for Victoria.  From these microfiche, I was able to fill in more details about Joseph.

The Assisted Immigrants index showed that Joseph and Margaret had come to Victoria on the “Ward Chipman” in December 1841.  On the index, their surname was listed as Whimple.  Joseph was 22 years old, a labourer, and could both read and write.  Margaret was 25 years old, and could neither read nor write.  Also on the ship were John and Caroline Whimpey.  John was listed as being 24 years old.  On the family group sheet for Joseph’s parents, it showed that one of Joseph’s brothers was John, and that he had married Carolyn Jones, so it appears the two brothers decided to emigrate to Australia together.

The Post Office Directories showed that Joseph was a farmer at Newbridge from 1868 to 1872.  He was listed as a shoe maker at Newbridge on the entries for 1884/1885 and 1888/1889, and from 1897 to 1900 he was a bootmaker at Tarnagulla.

In 1995 I was sent another group of documents for the Whimpey family from another family member.  This group of documents included the marriage certificate for Joseph and Margaret.  This certificate showed that Joseph and Margaret were married 15 January 1840 at the Parish church in the Parish of Bedwelty, in the county of Monmouth. Joseph was a bachelor of full age.  His rank or profession was miner, and his residence was Tredegar.  His father was William Whimpey, labourer.

Since Joseph and Margaret arrived in December 1841, I searched the 1841 census for them, and found them in Charles Street in the Hamlet of Uchlawycoed in the parish or township of Bedwelty, in Monmouthshire, Wales.  Joseph was age 20, miner, and Margaret was 25.  Also in the household was Elizabeth Whimpey, age 6 months.  John and Caroline Whimpey were on the same census page.  John was 22 years old, and he was a collier.

In order to confirm the birth date for Joseph from the family group sheet, I searched for transcripts of the Parish registers for Frome on the internet, and found them on the website for the Parish Church of St John the Baptist, Frome Selwood .  These parish registers have since been removed from this website, but they can now be found at http://www.fromeresearch.org.uk/.  The surname on his baptism entry was Wimpey.  Joseph was baptised 28 August 1819, and his parents were William and Elizabeth.  A distant cousin who is descended from Joseph’s daughter Eliza has a birthday book that shows Joseph Whimpey was born 13 August 1819, and died 6 May 1902.

A good resource for finding out information from families from the Frome hundred in Somerset, is the Frome Hundred group on Yahoo Groups.