52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks

52 Ancestors #14 Edith Jean Marr

Edith Jean Marr
My mum, Edith Jean Marr

My ancestor of the week this week is my mum, Edith Jean Marr.

Mum was born 11 June 1922 at Eramosa Road Somerville, Victoria, Australia, and at the time of her birth her parents, Wilfred Palmer Marr and Edith Meriden Docwra, were living in Baxter.

Mum’s father, Wilfred, had been in the First World War, and due to injuries received during this time, he had a number of health problems, and eventually was confined to a wheelchair.  His parents, Henry Palmer Marr and Mary Reeves, ran a dressmaking business in North Melbourne, and after mum’s mother, Edith Docwra, deserted the family, mum and her sister Margaret and brother Aubrey were raised by their father’s sister Amelia Marr.

Since the family business was dressmaking, my mother became a dressmaker, and so many of the clothes my sisters and I wore were made by mum. Mum made my dresses for my wedding.

A letter I received from my father, when I was asking questions about the family history, told how mum and dad met.

“Your mum and I met at Belgrave Heights Keswich Convention at Easter, were engaged a month later and married before Christmas!”.

Mum and dad's wedding
Photo from mum and dad’s wedding

At the time that mum and dad met, dad was a widower with 2 young children.  Mum and dad were married in the church my mum attended, the Brougham Street Methodist Church in North Melbourne, on 20 December 1952.

After marrying, mum and dad went to live at 5 Power St Balwyn. A few years later they moved to the home I grew up in at 9 Beaufort Street Mitcham.

While my sisters and I were growing up, one of the sports we all played was netball, and mum was actively involved, coaching our teams, and umpiring matches.

In December 1987, my dad retired from the workforce, and mum and dad moved to live at 131 McKenzie St Wonthaggi. Mum and dad were only there for two years before mum died after a series of strokes on 9 April 1990, at the Wonthaggi Hospital.