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Hugh Robert Murray

Yesterday I received an email querying if I had marriage details for Hugh Robert Murray and Elizabeth Clyne, to confirm who Hugh’s parents were, Although I had found the marriage entry on the indexes, I had not yet applied for the certificate.  .

A few years ago, I had received an email from a descendant of Hugh Robert Murray and Elizabeth Clyne. Part of this email stated:

I have a family bible that starts with Hugh(2) Robert MURRAY and indicates that
he was born at Hexham, Victoria on 23/5/1858 and married Elizabeth CLYNE at
ROWAN, Victoria on 12/11/84. (I believe this “Hugh(2) MURRAY” is the son of
“Hugh(1) MURRAY” mentioned below).

However, upon obtaining Hugh(2)’s birth certificate from the Victorian BDM he
shown as born on 22/7/1858 at Ballarat. Hexham and Ballarat are not far apart
so the place difference is understandable. I think the date difference is more
interesting and probably results from him being adopted (see below).

On his birth certificate his parents are shown as “Hugh(1) MURRAY b: Rosshire,
Scotland; aged 37” and “Charlotte POWIS b: Hoxton, London; aged 36” married at
“Yarrawonga, Victoria 1857”.

The email went on further to state that he believed that Hugh Robert Murray had been adopted by Robert Telford Murray and Margaret Rutherford, after his parents had died.

For some time, I had assumed that the birth in 1858 was for the same Hugh Murray, but when I did some research at, I discovered a marriage of a Hugh Murray to Jane Telford in 1855 in Victoria.  Hugh Robert Murray and Elizabeth Clyne had named one of their sons Telford Scott Murray.  Did this mean that the discrepancy in the birth dates was due to there being two Hugh Murrays born in the same year?  I decided that the best way of confirming who Hugh’s parents actually were, was to apply for the marriage certificate of Hugh and Elizabeth.  The marriage certificate confirmed that Hugh’s parents were Hugh Murray and Jane Telford, and the marriage certificate listed his birthplace as Colac.  This also matches the fact that the death entry for Hugh on the New South Wales indexes lists his parents as Hugh and Jane.

In my research, I also discovered a family tree that included Jane Telford.  This family tree showed that her parents were Robert Smith Telford and Elizabeth Rutherford.  Jane did later remarry, so it does appear that her husband Hugh did die shortly after Hugh Robert Murray’s birth.  It is therefore possible that he was adopted by his grandparents Robert Smith Telford and Elizabeth Rutherford, rather than Robert Telford Murray and Margaret Rutherford.

At this stage, I have found:3 Hugh Murrays in Victoria who had a father called Hugh at this period of time:

Hugh Murray married Elizabeth Young.  They had a son Hugh christened in 1848 in Colac (he died in 1889 in Colac).  Hugh died in 1869 in Colac – he was the son of Hugh Murray and Jane Carmichael.  There were a number of articles in the Geelong Advertiser for this family on the Trove website.

Hugh Murray married Charlotte Powis in 1857 at Yarrawonga (according to the birth certificate of Hugh Murray, born in 1858 at Ballarat – a marriage entry of Hugh and Charlotte hasn’t been found).  More research is needed to try and find out what happened to this family.

Hugh Murray married Jane Telford in 1855 in Victoria, Australia.  A family tree at ancestry shows that Jane later married Thomas Jackson, and then to Augustus George Love .  Jane Smith Love died in 1912 at Yarrawonga.  Her parents were Robert Telford and Elizabeth Rutherford. There was a marriage entry for Jane Murray to Thomas Jackson in 1867, and a marriage entry for Jane Jackson to Augustus George Love in 1886 in Victoria.  There were a number of birth entries for children with the parents of Thomas Jackson and Jane Telford, so this seems to confirm the information from the family tree. This also indicates that this Hugh Murray died between 1858 and 1867.  There are two possibilities on the indexes for Victoria

  • Hugh Murray aged 37 (estimated birth year 1828), died 1865, parents unknown,
  • Hugh Murray aged 31 (estimated birth year 1829) died 1860, parents Donald and Charlotte.

Since my connection is to Elizabeth Clyne, I have decided not to continue with research on these families at this stage.