52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks

52 Ancestors #18 Thomas Henry Russell

In order to decide which ancestor to use this week, I went through and started setting up a list of my ancestors, and which ones I had already included in my ancestor of the week posts. I came to my gg grandfather Thomas Henry (more commonly known as Henry) Russell.  I had a birth date for him from a family member, but I didn’t have an actual record for his birth.

After searching at FamilySearch, Ancestry and FindMyPast, I discovered that civil registration began in 1864 in Ireland. Since he was born before then, I therefore needed to find baptism records. A search online found a few websites with Parish Registers for Ireland, but I was unable to find an entry for my him. I then found the website RootsIreland.  This website states they have the largest collection of Parish Registers for Ireland, however this website required a subscription. The search for his baptism entry has therefore been put aside until I have more Irish parish records that I want to find.

Although I didn’t find a birth/baptism entry for him, in my search at ancestry I found a Public Member tree that had a copy of his death certificate.  A family tree I had been sent had his date of death as 14 October 1891, but the certificate showed he died 14 October 1892.  He died in Howard Street, Hotham East, Victoria, Australia.  He died from cancer of the neck and general asthenia.  He was buried 16 October 1892 at the Melbourne General Cemetery. His occupation was journalist.

My previous research had found that Henry had come to Australia with his mother and siblings in September 1856 on the “Almora”.   Henry’s father Garrett had come to Australia first, and the family settled at Buninyong.

Henry married Maria Louisa Doyle on 17 April 1865 in Buninyong, and the minister at their marriage was Henry’s father Garrett.  The marriage certificate showed that at the time Henry was a teacher at Mount Clear.