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David Scott (1833-1910)

I recently received a query, asking how David was related to me, and if the information I had was confirmed against Australian records.  My 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks post this week was for Mary Scott, David’s sister.  In this post, I set out how I had confirmed that Mary and David were brother and sister.

In this post, I am setting out the information I have been able to find for David after his arrival in Victoria.

David married Caroline Phillips on 15 January 1856 in the Wesleyan Chapel at Moorabbin, Victoria, Australia.

I have the Birth Death and Marriage Indexes for Victoria on CD, and on these indexes, I found the following children for David and Caroline

  • Henry Charles, born 1856 in Dunolly (registration no 13850)
  • David George, born 1858 at Moorabbin (registration no 5033)
  • Isabella Jane, born 1864 at Moorabbin (registration no 1369) – she died in 1865 at the age of 15 months (registration no 3473).
  • Caroline, born 1865 at Cheltenham (registration no 7472) – she died in 1865 (registration no 3479)
  • Elizabeth Jane, born 1867 at Cheltenham (reg. no 20746)
  • Charlotte Matilda, born 1870 at Cheltenham (reg. no 1372)
  • Joseph John, born 1873 in Cheltenham (reg. no 8176)
  • Emma Maria, born 1876 at Cheltenham (reg no. 8099) – she died in 1877 aged 1 year (reg. no 10453)

These indexes showed that up until at least 1876, David and Caroline were living in the Cheltenham area.  A search of the death indexes found an entry for a David Scott, who was about the right age.

Scott, David, event d, father Unknown, mother Unknown, age 75, death place Brswk, year 1910, registration no 4442.

Although the age matched our David, there was not enough information to determine if this was the right entry, so I applied for the certificate.  The certificate showed David Scott died 26 May 1910 at the Victorian Home for the Aged and Infirm.   The certificate also supplied the following information:

Occupation: gardener, male age 75 years (making his birth year around 1835), birthplace Cambridgeshire, England.  Informant: William Stevenson, messenger, Victorian Home for Aged and Infirm Royal Park.  Burial: 28th May 1910 at Frankston Cemetery, Undertaker: Hector Gamble.  Minister: Rev. J. P. McFarlane, Ch of England.  He had been in Victoria for 61 years (indicating he arrived around 1849).  The certificate shows he was married, but particulars of marriage etc. not known.

In the Australian Electoral rolls, 1903-1980 database at, I found the following family members in 1903 at Mornington Junction:

1903 Flinders Somerville
Scott, Caroline, F, Mornington Junction, home duties
Scott, David, M, Mornington Junction, gardener
Scott, David George, M, Mornington Junction, gardener
Scott, Joseph John, Mornington Junction, gardener
Scott, Naomi, Mornington Junction, home duties

Since the death certificate had shown that David was buried at Frankston Cemetery, he was the right age, and he had been born in Cambridgeshire, this indicated that the death certificate is for the David Scott who married Caroline Phillips.

In order to find more information about when David moved from Cheltenham to Mornington Junction, I will need to use the Post Office Directories.  This will mean a trip to either my regional library, or the State Library of Victoria, as these are not available online.