52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks

52 Ancestors #21 Joseph Scott

Last week my ancestor of the week was Mary Scott. This week I decided to look at her father, Joseph Scott.

As mentioned last week, Mary, and her brother David, were listed on the 1851 census in the household of Emma Scott at Bassingbourn.  Mary was listed as Emma’s daughter in law.  The census also showed that Emma was a widow.  This indicated that her husband died before 1851.  The other children listed on the census record were Edith Scott age 10, Joseph Scott age 4 and John Scott age 10 Months.

On both Mary and David’s death certificate, their father is listed as Joseph Scott. A search of the parish registers for Bassingbourn located a burial entry for a Joseph Scott on 26 October 1846 in Bassingbourn. This Joseph was 49 years old.

The Parish Registers at Bassingbourn also showed the following children of Joseph and Emma Scott:

  • 1841 Feb 7 Scott Edith Elizabeth of Joseph Scott otp waggoner & Emma Hodge of Union Workhouse
  • 1843 Mar 5 Scott John Hodge of Joseph & Emma otp waggoner
  • 1845 Feb 2 Scott Isabel of Joseph & Emma otp waggoner
  • 1847 Jan 3 Scott Joseph of Joseph & Emma otp waggoner

The burial records show that John Hodge Scott, and Isabel Scott, died young

  • 1844 Aug 19 Scott John Hodge otp 1 yr 8 mths
  • 1847 Sep 5 Scott Isabella otp 2 yrs 10 mths

This left the two children of Joseph and Emma, Edith and Joseph, which matches the census record.  The third child, John Scott, on the census was only 10 months old, so he would have been born after Joseph’s death.

The marriage records show the following marriage entry for Joseph and Emma:
1841 Sep 5
Scott Joseph (x) full age widr waggoner otp son of William lab
Hodge Emma (x) minor sp (blank) otp dau of Edward lab
Wits: Ann (x) Fortune, John (x) Fortune, Richd Titmous

The burial records for Bassingbourn also show the following entry:

  • 1837 May 30 Scott Ann otp 11

There are no other entries for the Scott family prior to 1841 in the Bassingbourn records.

Since the 1851 census showed that Mary and David were born in Steeple Morden, I therefore searched the parish registers in Steeple Morden, and found two entries:

  • 1833 Nov 10 Scott David of Joseph & Mary otp lab
  • 1836 Nov 13 Scott Joel of Joseph & Mary otp lab

In the Steeple Morden burials there was the following entry, which may have been for Joseph’s wife

  • 1836 Dec 4 Scott Mary otp 30

I wasn’t able to find a marriage entry for Joseph and Mary on the Steeple Morden records, so I decided to try the adjoining parish of Guilden Morden.  The following marriage entry was found:
1826 Mar 4
Scott Joseph (x) of Steeple Morden
Muncy Mary (x) otp
Wits: John Parrish, Joseph Pearce

I therefore decided to check for any baptisms in Guilden Morden

  • 1826 Jul 9 Scott Ann of Joseph & Mary otp lab received in the church

The burial entry of Ann Scott in 1837 in Bassingbourn appears to be for this Ann Scott, as the age matches, and we know that the family did move from Guilden/Steeple Morden to Bassingbourn.

From the marriage entry of Joseph to Emma, we have Joseph’s father’s name: William.  From his burial entry, we have an age for Joseph in 1846.  He was 49 years old, which indicates a birth year of 1797.  From the marriage entry of Joseph to Mary, we have that he was “of Steeple Morden”.  The Steeple Morden parish registers have the following baptism entry which therefore appears to be for our Joseph.

  • 1800 May 29 Scott Joseph son of William & Mary