52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks

52 Ancestors #22 Elizabeth Quy

When I was setting up the post for my ancestor last week, Joseph Scott, I was searching online to try and find the year the CDs I have for Bassingbourn, and Steeple Morden and Guilden Morden, were published, and I came across an archive post for another of my ancestors, Elizabeth Quy, at http://www.british-genealogy.com/archive/index.php/t-59647.html. This led me to do more research to try and find more information about Elizabeth, and possibly find her ancestors, and so Elizabeth is my ancestor for this week.

My ancestor in week 1 was Jane Docwra.  In my post about Jane, I mentioned that her parents were listed as William and Elizabeth Docwra on her baptism record.  The baptism records show the following children with the parents William and Elizabeth Docwra at Bassingbourn.

  • 1794 Apr 20 Docwra Sarah dau of William & Elizabeth
  • 1796 May 15 Docwra Susannah dau of William & Elizabeth
  • 1798 Apr 15 Docwra William son of William & Elizabeth
  • 1800 Jul 14 Docwra Jane dau of William & Elizabeth
  • 1803 Mar 13 Docwra Stephen son of William & Elizabeth

The marriage records show the following marriage:

1793 Nov 16
Docwra William (x) bac otp
Quy Elizabeth (x) sp otp
Wits: James Deller, Sarah Quy

From this, I was fairly certain that Jane’s mother was Elizabeth Quy.  I had been unable to find a baptism record for Elizabeth Quy, and had given up on the search for her ancestry, until I came across the post mentioned above.  In this post, it mentions the family of Simon and Mary Quy at Bassingbourn, so I decided to check my CD for Bassingbourn Parish Registers.  These are the baptisms I found:

  • 1773 Dec 26 Quy Mary of Simon & Mary
  • 1776 Feb 11 Quy Sarah of Simon & Mary
  • 1778 Mar 8 Quoy Ann of Simon & Mary
  • 1780 Jun 13 Quoy Simon of Simon & Mary lab twin
  • 1780 Jun 13 Quoy Jane of Simon & Mary lab twin
  • 1782 Sep 16 Quoy Jane dau of Simon & Mary aged 1 year and a week

The post also stated that there was a marriage of a Simon Quy to Mary Blott in Litlington in 1771.  I didn’t yet have the Parish registers for Litlington, so I decided to purchase the PDF file of the Parish Registers for Abington Pigott and Litlington from the Cambridgeshire Family History Society.  The marriage entry at Litlington is as follows:

Oct 12 Quy Simon (x) bac of Bassingbourn
Blott Mary (x) sp otp
Wits: Frs. Stallabrass, Stephen Thurley

As this was the only Quy family living at Bassingbourn at this time, although there was no baptism for Elizabeth, it did appear that Elizabeth belonged to this family, particularly since one of the witnesses at her marriage was Sarah Quy.

In my earlier posts, I mentioned that Alfred Docwra (my ancestor in week 2) was on the 1841 census in the household of an Elizabeth Docwra, age 70.  This would have meant she was born around 1771.  A search of the Bassingbourn parish registers also located a burial entry which was possibly for this Elizabeth.

1852 May 20 Docwra Elizabeth otp 82 yrs

If this was the right Elizabeth, then she should also have been on the 1851 Census.  The closest I could find was the entry for Elizabeth Docwra, age 69, a pauper in the Union Workhouse.  The birthplace for this Elizabeth was listed as Linton, Cambridgeshire.

Prior to Simon and Mary’s marriage in 1771 in Litlington, I had been unable to find any Quys (Quoys) in the Bassingbourn or Litlington Parish registers, so it appeared that Simon had come from somewhere else.  Last weekend Find My Past was offering free searches, so I decided to search for a Simon Quy in their records.  I had tried FamilySearch and Ancestry, but had not been able to find an entry that seemed to match.  On FindMyPast I came across a baptism entry for a Simon Quoy at West Wickham, Cambridgeshire.

West Wickham is near Linton, so it is possible that the baptism record at West Wickham was for the Simon Quy (Quoy) who married Mary Blott, and it may also be that Simon and Mary were visiting family at Linton when Elizabeth was born, which may be why no baptism entry has been found for her.  As there is no baptism entry for an Elizabeth Quy/Quoy at Linton or West Wickham either, at this stage this is only a theory, and requires further research to confirm.