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Cullip family

My ancestor this week was Elizabeth Quy.  As well as detailing research I had done to try and find Elizabeth’s ancestry, I also did some research on the descendants of Sarah Quy, who was most likely to have been Elizabeth’s sister.  The Bassingbourn Parish Registers have the following marriage entry

1797 Nov 23
Cullip John (x) bac otp
Quy Sarah sp otp
Wits: Elizabeth Wilson, Richard Wilson

The Parish Registers registers also show the following baptisms for the children of John and Sarah Cullip:

  • 1799 Dec 1 Cullip Mary dau of John & Sarah
  • 1803 Apr 10 Cullup Judith dau of John & Sarah
  • 1805 Mar 31 Cullup John son of John & Sarah
  • 1807 Nov 15 Cullup Lucy dau of John & Sarah
  • 1809 Sep 2 Cullup Henry son of John & Sarah
  • 1812 Apr 30 Cullip William son of John & Sarah
  • 1815 Feb 12 Cullip Sarah dau of John & Sarah otp lab

The Parish registers also had marriage entries for:
Judith Cullip to Richard Boffey on 9 Feb 1825 (one witness was Lucy Cullip, probably her sister Lucy)
Lucy Cullip to William Harradence on 25 Dec 1830
John Cullip to Sarah Pearmain on 30 Jan 1834
Henry Cullip to Susannah Pearmain on 13 Jan 1836 (one witness was Sarah Cullup (BT Pearmain) – probably the Sarah Pearmain who married John Cullip)
Sarah Cullup married William Muncey 1 May 1838

A search of the parish registers found two subsequent marriages for Henry Cullip

1844 Apr 30
Cullip Henry (x) full age widr lab otp son of John lab
McGrath Ann (x) full age wid (blank) otp dau of William Greenfield lab
wits: Ann McBeth, James (x) Fisher, Richd. Titmous

1853 Jun 26
Cullip Henry (x) of full age widr lab otp son of John lab
Scott Emma (x) of full age wid (blank) otp dau of Edward Hodge lab
wits: Simeon (x) Course, Ann (x) Course, James Trigg

The Census records helped to confirm that these marriage entries were for the same Henry Cullip.   On the 1841 Census, Henry, age 30 at Bassingbourn, with children Richard, Mary and John.  The baptism records show their baptism entries

  • 1836 Apr 24 Cullip Richard of Henry & Susan otp lab
  • 1838 Jun 3 Cullup Mary of Henry & Susan otp lab born 14 May 1838
  • 1840 Dec 6 Cullup John of Henry & Susan shepherd born 10 Oct 1840

There is the following burial for Susan

  • 1841 Apr 22 Cullup Susan otp 26

The 1851 Census shows Henry Cullip at Bassingbourn, in the household of William and Sarah Muncy.  He was listed as William’s brother in law.  This corresponds with the marriage of Sarah Cullip to William Muncy.  On this census, Henry’s children were Richard Cullip, 15, and Charles Cullip 6.

The following are the baptisms of children to Henry and Ann

  • 1845 May 4 Cullup Charles of Henry & Ann otp lab
  • 1848 May 7 Cullip Sarah dau of Henry & Ann otp lab

There is the following burial entry for Ann

  • 1848 Oct 14 Cullip Ann otp 38

A couple of weeks ago, I did a post on my ancestor Joseph Scott.  In this post, I stated that Joseph had married Emma Hodge. I have previously been in contact with a descendant of Joseph and Emma, who had given me details of Emma’s marriage, after Joseph’s death, to Henry Cullip, and how the family had later migrated to Australia. From the above information, I now had information that indicated that the descendants of Emma and Henry are also directly related to me, not just linked by marriage.