Depending on where you live or which record collections you are wanting to view you could use: FindMyPast UK for United Kingdom FindMyPast Australia for Australia. A subscription is required to access a number of the record collections.  



FamilySearch has a large range of collections, covering many countries including Australia, United States, Canada, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Germany and Netherlands.  These collections are free to search. FamilySearch also has the option to set up your own family tree, as well as searching in other family trees.  Other family trees should be used as a… Continue reading FamilySearch


As I live in Australia I use Depending on where you live, or the main collections you want to use, you might use (United States), (United Kingdom), or (Canada). Ancestry has a number of record collections that come from a range of countries including United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Scotland, and Canada.… Continue reading Ancestry