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Anna Mary Hinchey

This week, when I was setting up my list of resources for Canada – Births, Marriages, Deaths, I went through my family tree, to see any events I had for Canada, and to see what resources I had previously used for births, deaths and marriages in Canada.   I found that at that time, I had only used resources for Ontario and Saskatchewan, so I needed to go through the other events I had for other provinces in Canada, and to search for other resources that would help me locate a record for these events.

There was one event where I only had the place “Canada”.   This was for Anna Mary Hinchey.  The information I had at that stage was that she was born about 1868 in Canada, and that she married George Albert Hood on 7 February 1894 in Carleton, Ontario, Canada. This marriage record showed her age was 26, indicating a birth year of 1868.

The next thing to do was to search for more information about Anna. The resource that I tend to use the most often is

The first record I found for her was a burial record in the Ottawa, Canada, Beechwood Cemetery Registers, 1873-1990.  The record was for Anna Mary Hood, born about 1871 in Ottawa, Ontario, death date 1 August 1942, age 71, parents Thomas and Anna Hinchey.

I now had a birthplace for Anna, and her parents’ names, so the next question was – are the birth records for Ottawa for this period available online?  On Ancestry, there is the Ontario, Canada Births, 1869-1913 record collection.  On her marriage record, her birth year was indicated to be 1868, so it seemed likely that she might not be in that collection, and a search of the collection found no record for her.

The next thing to do was to check the 1871 Canada Census.  There was a family that appeared to be for this family, in the Wellington Ward, Ontario.  In this household was Thomas Hinchey, age 38, Ann Hinchey, age 36, Elizabeth Hinchey age 6, and Ann Mary Hinchey, age 4.  This census entry indicates that Ann was born around 1867, which explain why no entry had been found for her birth.

The next thing to do was to trace her through the census records. The 1881 Census had a family at Ottawa City, Wellington Ward, Ontario.  In this household there was Ann Hinchey, age 44, Elizabeth Hinchey age 16, Ann Hinchey age 13, and Edward Hinchey age 9.

On the 1891 Census the family was found again in Ottawa City, Wellington Ward, Ontario.  The household was now Anna Hinchey, age 34, Anna M Hinchey age 22, Edward H Hinchey 19.  Elizabeth was no longer with the family, so she was probably married.  Since there was a discrepancy in the age for her mother, Anna, I decided to check the original image, to check the age.  The age does look like 34, but it could also have been 54.  Since Anna M and Edward are listed as daughter and son, than the age of 54 is more likely, and matches the previous censuses.

The 1901 Census shows the family still in Ottawa City, Wellington Ward, Ontario.  Although Anna had been married, this entry appears to be for the right family.  In this household there was Anna Hinchey, age 63, Anna Mary Hinchey age 33.  Although listed under the surname Hinchey, the index showed that the younger Anna was widowed.

The original image shows that Anna’s son Edward, and his wife Theressa were in the next household.  The 1901 census also gives birth dates. Anna Hinchey, head, widowed, was born May 14 1838.  Anna Mary, daughter, widowed, was born Dec 2 1868.  Edward H Hinchey was born 7 March 1872.

I was unable to find them on the 1911 Canada census at ancestry, so I decided to try the 1911 Canada Census at Automated Genealogy.

The family were still at Wellington Ward, Ottawa.   The record shows Anna Hinchey, head, widowed, born May 1837, age 74, and Anna M Hinchey, daughter, widowed, born Dec 1867, age 43. There was another Anna Hinchey in the previous household.  This Anna was daughter, single, born May 1904, age 7.  Her mother was Mary T Hinchey, wife, married, born May 1872, age 39.  These were the only family members mentioned on this page, so I needed to look at the previous page, to see who the head of that household was. The previous page showed that the head of this household was Ed. Henry Hinchey, head, married, born March 1872, age 39.

Then it was back to Ancestry, to the 1921 Canada Census.  On the index there was an Anna Hinchey, widowed, age 64, born about 1857.  The index also listed Armand Hood, age 53.  A view of the original image confirmed that this should be Anna M Hood, daughter, age 53, and Anna Hinchey was age 84, not 64.  Also in the household was a domestic servant Florence Grasher.

The census records are only available online to 1921, and the Ontario death indexes to 1938, so that was all the information I could put together for her at this stage.

How I’m related: Anna Mary Hinchey married George Albert Hood.  George was the son of Robert Hood and Sarah Jane Marshall. Sarah Jane Marshall was the daughter of George Marshall and Susanna James.  My children are descended from George’s sister Anne Marshall, who married George William Willis. The Marshall family were originally from OldLeighlin in county Carlow, Ireland.  George went to Canada, four brothers went to the United States, while Anne and one sister and a brother came to Australia.