Findmypast Fridays

Each Friday, Findmypast provides a list of the latest record collections they have added.  These can be accessed at Findmypast Fridays.

This Findmypast Fridays list may not be a complete list of all the record collections that have been added or updated for that week.  At the bottom of the list, it shows “more records”, with a highlight next to them “this week”.  On scrolling through the list of collections to compare them to my old email (so that I could try to work out what was added last week), I noticed some marked “This week” that were a number of pages through the list.  There doesn’t seem to be any easy way of finding when the collections were added or updated.

I therefore plan to set up a complete list of all the collections available at Findmypast, as well as a post of the collections mentioned each week on the Findmypast Fridays page.

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