52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks

52 Ancestors #27 Martha Richardson

Last week, my ancestor was James Marr.  This week, my ancestor is his wife, Martha Richardson.  Last week, I explained my difficulty in determining who James’ parents were. It was much easier to find a record for his wife Martha.

From the immigration record for James and Martha, it listed that she was the same age, which indicated a birth year of 1827.  She died in 1882, and her death certificate listed her age st 55 years old, which also indicated she was born in 1827.  Her death certificate also gave her birthplace as Dundee Scotland, and listed her father as David Richardson, a baker.

At first, when I searched the microfilm for the International Genealogical Index, I was unable to find her baptism entry.  However, after I gained access to the internet, I was able to search the International Genealogical Index at the FamilySearch site.  There was no entry for a Martha Richardson in Dundee, but I did find an entry for Martha Ritchardson christened 15 April 1827 at Cupar, Fife, Scotland.  Her parents were listed as David Ritchardson and Margaret Nicol.

After I found that record, a distant cousin emailed me photos of the Family Bible, which listed Martha’s date of birth as 15 April 1827.    Although the place of birth didn’t match the information on her death certificate, this therefore appears to be the right entry.

I then decided to check the 1841 Scotland census at ancestry.com, and found the following family at North Tag Street, Dundee:

  • David Richardson, age 35, occupation baker j
  • Margaret Richardson, age 50,
  • Martha Richardson, age 15, occupation P L W linen
  • Margret Richardson, age 13, linen f spinner.

I then decided to check ScotlandsPeople to view the original image of the census record for more information.  The information was the same as the transcription at ancestry, except it also showed that the entry for Born in County was No for all of them.   I also decided to view the original baptism record for Martha, which I was also able to view at ScotlandsPeople.  The baptism record not only listed the baptism date of 15 April 1827, but showed a birth date of 15 March 1827.