52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks

52 Ancestors #28 Mark Oldroyd

This week my ancestor is Mark Oldroyd, the grandfather of my great grandmother Sarah Jane Sharp.

The information I originally had for Mark was from the book “Tarnagulla & District: The Way It Was” by Edna & Ken Arnold.  A number of Mark’s children had settled in the Tarnagulla district, including his daughter Jane, so this book had information about the families.  In this book, it showed that Mark was a weaver, and had married Elizabeth Sidebottom.  In 1996, I was sent a family history on the Oldroyd family, and this family history showed that Mark and Elizabeth were married at St John’s Church, Wakefield, Yorkshire, England, on 25 December 1816.

Since some of their children may have still been living with them at the time of the 1841 census, I decided to search the 1841 census for the family.  Since I didn’t yet have a birth date for Mark or Elizabeth, and I did have a birth date for their daughter Jane, I searched for Jane, and found the following family at Stanley Cum Wrenthorpe, in Lake Lock Rail Road:

  • Mark Oldroyd age 51, weaver, born in county
  • Elizabeth do age 48 born in county
  • John do age 20 butcher born in county
  • Joshua do 13 Y
  • Jane do 13 Y
  • Amos do 10 Y
  • Rachel d 8 Y
  • James do 5 Y

(Ancestry.com, 1841 England Census (Name: Ancestry.com Operations Inc; Location: Provo, UT, USA; Date: 2006;), Database online. Class: HO107; Piece 1271; Book: 9; Civil Parish: Wakefield; County: Yorkshire; Enumeration District: 9; Folio: 64; Page: 38; Line: 13; GSU roll: 464241.)

From this census record, I now had an approximate birth year for Mark of 1790.  Since ages on the 1841 census were rounded to the nearest 5 years, to narrow it down, I tried the 1851 census.  They were still living at Stanley cum Wrenthorpe, at Boom Mile

  • Mark Olroyd head mar 59 farmer of 9 acres land employing no labs birthplace Wakefield Yorkshire
  • Elizabeth do wife mar 54 birthplace Wakefield Yorkshire
  • James do son Unm 15 farmer’s son employed at home birthplace Wakefield Yorkshire

(Ancestry.com, 1851 England Census (Name: Ancestry.com Operations Inc; Location: Provo, UT, USA; Date: 2005;), Database online. Class: HO107; Piece: 2326; Folio: 627; Page: 16; GSU roll: 87562-87564.)

This census indicated a birth year of 1792.  I was unable to find a baptism entry for a Mark Oldroyd at Wakefield, so I decided to expand my search to include possible variations of the surname.  At ancestry.com you are able to use wildcards, so I decided to use the following in the surname: *ldr*d.  The only baptism entry I found was for a Mark Aldred on 4 Jul 1791 at West Gate Chapel (Presbyterian) Wakefield, (birth date 27 May 1791).  His parents were John and Mary.

I then searched both ancestry.com and familySearch to see if there were any other children with the parents John and Mary at Wakefield, and came up with:

  • John Oldroyd baptism 22 March 1783 at All Saints, Wakefield
  • Sarah Aldred baptism 16 Apr 1785 West Gate Presbyterian, Wakefield
  • Matthew Oldroyd baptism 5 May 1787 All Saints, Wakefield
  • James Oldroyd baptism 31 May 1789 West Gate Presbyterian, Wakefield
  • Mark Aldred baptised 4 July 1791 West Gate Presbyterian, Wakefield
  • Mary Aldred baptism 27 Dec 1794 All Saints, Wakefield
  • Ann Oldroyd baptism 16 April 1800 All Saints, Wakefield

A marriage entry was also found in Wakefield for John Oldroyd and Mary Whitworth at All Saints, Wakefield, on 17 Jun 1781.   This was the only marriage found in Wakefield for this period of time, so it appears that these baptisms are all for the one family, and that the baptism in 1791 is for our Mark Oldroyd.