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Charles Edward Martin Russell

Today, when preparing my post listing the latest FamilySearch updates, I noticed they had the Argentina 1895 Census.

From my previous research, I knew Charles, his wife Emily, and their children were in England in 1881, and his wife Emily had died in Argentina in 1919.  I had been unable to find Charles and Emily on the 1891 or 1901 England Census, so it seemed possible that they were in Argentina at the time of the 1895 Census.  I decided to search for the family, and found a family that appeared to be theirs at Cuartel 01 (Población urbana), Concepción del Uruguay, Entre Ríos, Argentina.  (I’ve translated most of the information into English, except the names).

13 Rosell Carlos male 55 married English England occupation Reintista? literate yes owns property Ruiz yes
14 Rossell Emillia female 48 married English England, literate yes, owns property Ruiz yes, how many children had 7, years married 24
15 Rossell Anita female 19 single English England literate yes owns property no
The rest of the family were on the next page
1 Russell Carlos male 15 single English England literate yes owns property no no
2 Russell Guillermo male 12 single ” ” ” ”  .

The years married, number of children, and their ages all match our family, and all the names are the Spanish equivalent (except the 15 year old in the family would have been Hardwicke, not Charles).

Before I had a look at this census record, I had four children listed for Charles and Emily – Annie Nott Russell, Maxwell Wallace Russell, Hardwicke Learmon Phelps Russell and William Delamare Russell.  All of these children had been born in Gloucestershire, the first two in the Stroud district, and the other two in the Wheatenhurst district.  I decided to look at all the births (using the freebmd site, since you can search time periods and districts) in Stroud between 1871 (the year Charles and Emily married) and 1879 (when Hardwicke was born), and then in Wheatenhurst.  After looking at this list, I realised I had seen a couple of the names somewhere before, and decided to do a search for one of the names that looked familiar – St Leger E H Russell .

I found the Milne Family Tree (Owner:  david468_1 ), a Public Member Tree at ancestry, which had many details for the family.  This tree gave me the names of 8 children. There was a child, Charles Maxwell Russell, who died the same year he was born (in 1874).  Since he died the same year he was born, this may account for why he wasn’t included in the number of children for Charles and Emily on the census.

I have updated my family tree to include the extra information I have found for the family of Charles Edward Martin Russell and Emily Mary Glasse.