52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks

52 Ancestors (2015) #4 John Marr

This week’s topic is “Closest to your birthday”.  The ancestor who was born closest to my birthday is John Marr, who was the father of James Marr (my ancestor in week 26 in 2014).

John Marr was born 13 December 1790, and christened 19 December 1790, in Dundee, Angus, Scotland.  His parents were Peter (or Patrick) Marr and Ann Tosh.  John married Agnes Philp on 12 January 1812 in Dundee, and they had the following children:

  • David born about 1812 (died 12 April 1872 21 Union St Maxwelltown, Dundee)
  • Elizabeth born about 1822 (died 9 July 1915 29 Wolseley Street, Dundee)
  • Thomas born about 1826 (died 6 Jan 1903 19 James St, Dundee)
  • James born in 1827 (died 16 May 1899 in Footscray, Victoria, Australia)
  • Agnes born about 1830 (died 10 May 1909 at 27 Wolseley Street, Dundee)
  • John born about 1832 (died 19 Feb 1906 at 27 Wolseley Street, Dundee).

Since there is a large gap between David and Elizabeth, there may have been more children, but no baptism records have been found for any of the children.  Most of the children were with John and Agnes on the 1841 Scotland Census, and have been confirmed against death certificates, and I found Elizabeth living with David on the 1851 and 1861 Censuses.

On the 1841 Scotland census, John Marr was the head of the household at Hilltown Taws Land, Dundee.  He was age 49, occupation shoemaker.  Also in the household was Agnes age 49, son David age 27, son Thomas age 15, son James age 13, son John age 9 and daughter Agnes age 11.

Daughter Elizabeth would have been about 19, so she was probably in service in another household.  Her death certificate shows she never married.   As mentioned above, by 1851 she had moved in with her brother David.

The Friends of Dundee City Archives website has directories for Dundee.  John doesn’t appear on the 1840 directories, but he is listed on the 1850 Directory

Marr John boot and shoemaker 14 Ann Street

John was buried 1 Jul 1851 at the Howff Cemetery in Dundee.  He died from Inflammation of Liver. He was 60 years old.  He was a shoemaker at Ann Street Maxwelltown.