52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks

52 Ancestors (2015) #6 John Leete

The topic for this week was “so far away”, and my ancestor this week is John Leete, born about 1500 and died 25 Dec 1551, from Eversdon, Cambridgeshire.  I decided on the furthest away in time, as I had already done a post on the furthest away in distance (William Edward Ball, born in Sweden, was the furthest away from me here in Australia).

John is mentioned on the Visitations of Cambridgeshire.  There was also an entry for him on the International Genealogical Index, which is where his birth and death information came from.

The Visitations, and IGI, show he married Ellen Burgoyne.

These events were prior to when Parish Registers were first kept.   The earliest baptism in the Eversden parish registers (Great Eversden Parish registers go back to 1538, and Little Eversden to 1599), was for a baptism for Simeon Leet on 23 Jun 1573 at Great Eversden.  His parents, Robert Leet and Alise Grundy were married earlier that year, on 6 April 1573 at Great Eversden.  Based on the year of marriage, Robert would have been born between about 1540 and 1550, but no baptism has been found for him, so it may have been prior to 1538.

The Visitations of Hertfordshire showed that John Leete and Ellen Burgoyne had a son Robert, and since the name Leete is fairly uncommon, it seems likely this was the same Robert.

The Leetes have been traced down through the generations in Great Eversden, Little Eversden and Guilden Morden, to Edith Leete, who married Simeon Sell, from Bassingbourn.  Their son Tempest Sell had an illegitimate child with Jane Docwra.  This son, Alfred, was my gg grandfather.


The Docwra family have actually been traced the furthest back in time, to an Adam de Hoton in 1168, but I have not yet been able to link my branch of the Docwra family.