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Finding a relative born on or close to your birthdate using Legacy

I came across a post On Randy Seaver’s Genea-Musings blog: Dear Randy: How Can I Make a Calendar in Family Tree Maker 2014?

The reason behind this question was that a reader wanted to know how to find an ancestor or cousin born on his birth date. Randy then went on to describe how to make a calendar in Family Tree Maker.

Making a calendar is one way to find someone born on your birthdate, but there is a quicker way using Legacy.

I use Legacy Family Tree Version 8 Deluxe Edition as my desktop genealogy program, and there is a simple way to find someone born on a particular day. There is an option on the top menu Search, and then on the ribbon the option Find. In this, you would select:

  • Look for whom? Individual
  • Where to look? Birth date
  • How to look? Contains
  • What to look for? Here you would enter the date (when entering the month, just use the first 3 letters of the month, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr etc).

A few weeks ago, when doing the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge from the No Post Too Small Blog, the weekly topic was “Closest to your birthday”.  Although the above search brought up relatives with the same birth date as mine, I wanted to use an ancestor. This meant narrowing down the search to ancestors.

One of the categories in where to look? is to choose a tag number.  I could therefore narrow my search to ancestors if I created a tag for them. To do this, you need to select Tools from the top menu, and then Advanced Tagging. Then in the box “Individual Tagging” change the person to yourself, and then choose which tag number you want to use (1, 2, 3 etc), and then choose Ancestors. If you want just ancestors, as I did, then you would need to uncheck the boxes for spouses and siblings.

Advanced Tagging in Legacy

This will now create a focus group of all your ancestors. Then in your search, you can add a Second Condition (using And not Or) and choose Individual again in Look for Whom? and in Where to look?, choose the Tag number of your focus group. Since there were no ancestors born on my birth date, I then expanded the search in the first condition by removing the date, and just selecting the month in What to look for?. Then it’s just a matter of going through the list and find the birth date closest to your own.

Search feature in Legacy