Legacy Family Tree

Legacy Family Tree

The desktop genealogy program I generally use for my family history is Legacy Family Tree, Version 8 Deluxe Edition.  I have been using this program for a number of years, and it has a number of features that I prefer over other genealogy programs.

One of the features I like is the ability to mark an individual as Invisible, Private or Not private.  No other genealogy program seems to have this feature.  Some programs allow you to mark an event as private, but not the ability to completely hide, or privatize, a group of individuals when sharing your family tree with others.  As you add individuals to the tree, if you haven’t yet confirmed their relationship, or you want to completely hide them for privacy reasons, you can change the option to Invisible, and then you don’t have to remember who to remove from a gedcom or report at a later date.  The ability to privatize individuals is handy when sharing the family tree on the internet – if you don’t have a birth date for someone, but you are pretty sure they are still living, you can select to keep that person private.

The other feature I tend to prefer is Legacy’s source wizard.  Although RootsMagic and Family Tree Maker also have source templates, I prefer the way the Source Wizard in Legacy is set up, making it easier to find the right source template for each type of source.  Legacy also has more complete Source Templates for the UK Census collections than RootsMagic.

Data entry into Legacy is also a lot easier, as there are a number of keyboard shortcuts, which for those of us with fast data entry speeds find faster than having to stop and use the mouse all the time.  Navigating through the tree is often quicker as well.  Legacy also has the option of editing any information for a person directly from the Name Index.


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