Ancestry updates 23 Feb 2015

The following are the Recently added and updated collections at this week.

UPDATED  West Yorkshire, England, Select Poor Law and Township Records, 1663-1914 19/02/2015

UPDATED  Wisconsin, Birth Index, 1820-1907 19/02/2015

UPDATED  Wisconsin, Deaths, 1820-1907 19/02/2015

NEW  U.S., Petitions of the Jewish People’s Committee, 1938 18/02/2015

NEW  UK, Royal Navy Registers of Seamen’s Services, 1900-1928 18/02/2015

UPDATED  California, Marriage Index, 1960-1985 18/02/2015

NEW  Canada, Quaker Meeting Records, 1786-1988 18/02/2015

UPDATED  UK, Mechanical Engineer Records, 1847-1930 17/02/2015

NEW  West Yorkshire, England, Estate Rentals, 1380-1932 17/02/2015

UPDATED  California, Prison and Correctional Records, 1851-1950 17/02/2015

NEW  Romania, Teis-Dâmboviţa Camp Prisoners, 1941 17/02/2015

NEW  Hungary, Jews of Szombathely,1944 17/02/2015

NEW  Croatia, Zagreb Survivor Lists, 1945 17/02/2015

NEW  Romania, Jews of Dés (Dej) in the Ghettoization of May, 1944 17/02/2015

UPDATED  Berlin, Germany, Selected Deaths, 1874-1920 (in German) 16/02/2015

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