Legacy Family Tree

How to create a calendar in Legacy

Last week in my posts about finding the relative born closest to your birthdate, I showed how to generate a calendar in RootsMagic.  This week, I will be outlining how to generate a calendar in  Legacy Family Tree.  From the top menu select Reports, and then select Calendar Creator from other reports.


There are then a number of tabs to customise the calendar.

From the include tab you can select which individuals to include.


On the Options tab you can select how to display names, and whether to include births and or anniversaries.


The Font tab allows you to choose the font for the various labels on the calendar.


The Format tab allows you to customise the colors on the calendar.


The Pictures tab allows you to choose pictures to place on the pages between the monthly calendar pages.


The Months tab allows you to choose which months to include in the calendar, as well as the option to include or exclude mini calendars for the month before and after.


This calendar can then be printed or saved as a PDF file.