52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks

52 Ancestors (2014) #40 Rebekah Dredge

This week my ancestor is Rebekah Dredge.

In the group of documents sent to my dad in 1979 was a family group sheet for Joseph Whimpey and Rebekah Dredge.

This family group sheet showed that Rebekah was baptised 21 September 1760 in Frome, Somerset, England, and Joseph and Rebekah were married 10 June 1783 at St John Baptist Parish, Frome.  Joseph died 8 Feb 1790, and Rebekah remarried in 24 October 1805 to James Commons or Cummins.  Rebekah was then buried 22 December 1844 in Frome.  The group sheet also showed that Joseph and Rebekah had 5 children.

The next thing to do was to confirm this information against the parish registers.  As I don’t have access to the originals at this stage, I am reliant on transcriptions.  Fortunately Somerset is well covered at FreeReg.

This shows a baptism of Rebekah Dredge on 21 September 1760 at St John the Baptist Parish.  Her parents were William and Susanna Dredge (file number 29102)

Then there is the marriage of Joseph Wimpey, of this parish, to Rebekah Dredge, of this parish, on 10 June 1783 at St John the Baptist Parish (register no 267, file number 29318).  They were married by banns, and the witnesses were Thomas Jones and John Deacon.

Then the burial of Joseph Wimpey on 8 February 1790 at St John the Baptist Parish (File number 28931).

I also found the burial of Rebecca Cummins on 22 December 1844.  There were actually 3 entries on freereg with the same name and date.  The first was at St John the Baptist Parish – Abode Frome, notes Bishops Transcript; New Church (file number 28784).  The second was at East Woodlands, St Katherine Pr (file number 28834).   The third was at St John the Baptist Parish – Abode Frome, Notes at New Church (file number 28931).  Her age was listed as 81 on all three entries.

FreeReg is good for looking at individual records, but I find it easier to follow a family, and to verify which family the entries do belong to, is by following the family in one parish at a time.  To do this, I find use the Frome Research site best.

The baptism records show these children for Joseph and Rebekah:

Joseph Wimpew christened 17 Jan 1784

Susanna Wimpey christened 24 Sep 1785

John Wimpey christened 31 Mar 1787

William Wimpey christened 27 Mar 1790

Edward Wimpy christened 2 Mar 1793

The parish records only has the one record for a Rebekah Dredge between 1759 and 1812, which was our Rebekah, christened 21 September 1760, parents William and Susanna.

There was also only the one marriage for a Rebekah Dredge.  This does seem to indicate that the baptism and marriage were for the same person.

The parish registers also have a marriage of Rebecca Wimpey to Thomas Commons on 24 October 1805.  This date matches the information on the family group sheet, the only discrepancy is the first name of Thomas.

The next thing to check is – did James (Thomas) and Rebekah (Rebecca) have any children?  Since there is some query as to the spelling of the surname, for this I went back to freereg, as there I can search using soundex.  I decided to start by searching for baptisms 10 years before and after 1805.  Since Rebekah apparently spent her whole life in Frome, I limited my search to this parish

Using the soundex, I came up with 3 entries, although 2 of these appears to be the same person, as they were the same name and date.

James and Rebecca Cummins had a daughter Elizabeth christened 3 Apr 1809 at St John the Baptist Parish.  She was aged 10 years old, Sunday School child (file number 28974), (there was a second entry with virtually the same details, file number 29102) and a son James, christened 7 Jul 1804 at St John the Baptist Parish (file number 29102).

Since Rebekah died after 1841, she should be on the 1841 England Census. I wasn’t able to find an entry using soundex on the surname Cummins and her age, but I did find a Rebecca Collins age 80 on the census.  Rebecca Collins was an inmate in Almshouse in Frome..

Her death is recorded on the FreeBMD indexes – Rebecca Cummins, Oct-Nov-Dec quarter, 1844, Frome, Somerset, volume 10, page 285

Last week I mentioned that the informant at Elizabeth Clements Whimpey’s death (Rebekah’s daughter-in-law) was a Mary Ann Cummins – the next thing to check is whether there is a connection.