Legacy Family Tree

Copying photos to multiple individuals in Legacy 8

Version 8 of Legacy Family Tree introduced sharing events, but what about photos that include a number of family members?

I tried looking on the Legacy Family Tree website, but couldn’t find any instructions.  I am therefore adding the instructions on how to do this here.

There are already instructions available on how to attach media files to a person in your tree, so I’m just going to outline how to copy an image to other individuals in your tree.  When you’re in the Media Gallery, after adding an image, adding a caption and the date, right click the photo you want to copy.  Select Copy (there are also options to Cut, Cut All, Copy All, so you can move or copy more than one file at a time).  This places the image, including the caption, onto the Legacy Clipboard. Then go to the next person you want to add the photo to, open their Media Gallery, and then right click.  You then get the option “Paste from Legacy Clipboard (1 picture)” (there would be more pictures on the clipboard if you decided to use the Cut all, copy all options).  Then you just select this option, and your picture is now copied to the next person, including the caption and date.

You can then repeat the process for anyone else in the photo.