Legacy Family Tree

Legacy 8 Picture Centre

After my last post, I decided to check the Help Index in Legacy Family Tree to see if the instructions on how to copy photos to more than one individual had been included in the help index.  I don’t know if the instructions were there because I found a feature first that was even better – Legacy’s Picture Center.  This feature can be accessed from the Tools menu (it’s next to the US County Verifier).  (This feature is only available in the Deluxe Edition).

In this feature, there is an index of all the individuals in your tree, a list of photos in the default media folder, with the option to browse your computer to go to other folders that you have photos in.  Then all you need to do is find the photo you want to attach, and then the first person you want to attach it to, and click the Attach button.  You can then attach that photo to more individuals, or move onto the next photo.

After I had attached a few photos, I went in to the Media Gallery to view the results, and realized there was no caption or date (although it did include the path to the original photo).  I then went back into the Picture Center, and realized that the section to add these details is included in the right side of the Picture Center.  There is also the option to add notes and a file ID.