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Cummins family of Frome, Somerset, England

In my post last week for Rebekah Dredge, I mentioned that she married a Thomas/James Commons/Cummins, and they apparently had two children, James and Elizabeth.  I also mentioned that the informant at my ancestor Elizabeth Clements death was a Mary Ann Cummins.  Was there a connection?

I decided to trace the James Cummins christened 7 July 1804.  To do this, I decided to use census records, combined with the parish registers at FreeReg.  I generally use for searching the census records, as they have the images as well as the index.

The first entry I found was the 1881 England Census.

James Cummins, age 76 (born about 1805), born Frome Somerset, England. Marital status widow. Relationship to head – father.  Residence 17 The Mint, Frome, Somerset, England.  The head of the household was James Cummins age 46.  His wife was Mary A. Cummins.

1881 census of England, 17 The Mint, Frome, Somerset, folio 10, page 13, James Cummins; digital images, ancestry, ancestry ( : accessed 28 Mar 2015); citing PRO RG 11/2401.

Since the 1881 census was the only one that came up under James Cummins, I used wildcards to try and find James on the earlier censuses – C*mm*ns

On the 1861 Census there was James Commins age 55, born about 1806, relation head, wife Anne Commins, birthplace Frome, Somerset, England.  Also in the household were Anne Commins, age 60, Joseph Commins age 22 and Mary Ann Commins age 5.

1861 census of England, Frome, Somerset, folio 33, page 11, James Commins; digital images, ancestry, ancestry ( : accessed 28 Mar 2015); citing PRO RG 9/1654.

A search of FreeReg for any entries for the surname Cummins (or soundex variations), resulted in the following entries – I have removed the entries for surnames Cannings, Cunningham etc. that seemed unlikely to be variants for Cummins, and removed duplicates of entries that appeared to be for the same event.

Record Type  BaptismDate Surname              Forename                     County     Place
Baptisms       12 May 1750 COMINS             Mary                            Somerset  Frome
Baptisms       21 Dec 1751  CUMMINGS       Jane                              Somerset  Frome
Baptisms       27 May 1758 CUMINS             Ann                              Somerset  Frome
Baptisms       09 Feb 1760  CUMINS             James                           Somerset  Frome
Baptisms       19 Sep 1761  CUMMINS         Betty                            Somerset  Frome
Baptisms       07 Nov 1767 CUMMINS         Hannah                         Somerset  Frome
Parents Joseph & Betty/Elizabeth

Baptisms       07 Jul 1804    CUMMINS         James                           Somerset  Frome
Baptisms       03 Apr 1809  CUMMINS         Elizabeth                      Somerset  Frome
Parents James & Rebecca

Baptisms       06 Jun 1835   CUMMINS         James                           Somerset  Frome
Baptisms       06 Oct 1838   COMYNS           Joseph                          Somerset  Frome
Parents James & Ann

Baptisms       06 Oct 1855   COMMONS        Mary Ann                     Somerset  Frome
Baptisms       09 Sep 1857  COMMONS        Emily                            Somerset  Frome
Baptisms       29 May 1859 CUMMING         Rosa Jane                     Somerset  Frome
Baptisms       07 Mar 1861  COMMINS         Emily Jane                    Somerset  Frome
Baptisms       25 Jan 1863   COMMONS        Ellen                             Somerset  Frome
Baptisms       26 Nov 1865 COMMONS        William Harry              Somerset  Frome
Baptisms       26 Jul 1868    COMMONS        William James              Somerset  Frome
Baptisms       25 Sep 1870  COMMONS        Sarah Eliza                   Somerset  Frome
Baptisms       21 Dec 1872  COMMONS        Alice Louisa                 Somerset  Frome
Baptisms       19 Sep 1874  COMMONS        Eliza                             Somerset  Frome
Baptisms       06 Sep 1876  COMMONS        Walter George              Somerset  Frome
Baptisms       14 Aug 1877  COMMONS        Georgina                       Somerset  Frome
Baptisms       21 Sep 1878  COMMONS        Herbert                         Somerset  Frome
Baptisms       20 Aug 1881  COMMONS        Georgina                       Somerset  Frome
Parents James & Mary Ann

Baptisms       28 May 1893 CUMMING         Earnest Andrew Arthur Somerset Frome
surname possibly Canning – Father Alexander, which doesn’t fit in with the Cummins family

Baptisms       15 Apr 1905  COMMONS        Harold Stanley             Somerset  Frome
Baptisms       15 Apr 1905  COMMONS        Winifred Dora              Somerset  Frome
parents for both William James and Caroline Commons

Record Type  Burial Date    Surname              Forename    County    Place
Burials      02 May 1745 COMINS             Jane          Somerset Frome       wife of Joseph
Burials           10 Aug 1762  CUMMINS         Hannah        Somerset Frome
Burials           08 Dec 1765  COMMINS         Joseph        Somerset Frome       son of Joseph
Burials           19 Jun 1768   CUMMINS         Hannah       Somerset Frome daughter of Joseph
Burials           27 Feb 1777  COMMINS         Joseph        Somerset Frome
Burials           18 Jun 1799   COMMONS        Betty         Somerset Frome
Burials           29 Oct 1820   CUMMINS         James        Somerset Frome       age 52
Burials           22 Dec 1844  CUMMINS         Rebecca       Somerset Frome       age 81
Burials           28 Sep 1857  COMMONS        Emily          Somerset Frome       age 7w
Burials           19 Sep 1859  CUMMINS         Rosa Jane     Somerset Frome       age 4m
Burials           09 Jul 1868    CUMMINS         William     Somerset Frome       age 2
Burials           19 Aug 1873  COMMONS        Eliza Sarah    Somerset Frome       age 3
Burials           21 Dec 1876  COMMONS        Walter George  Somerset Frome       age 5m
Burials           20 Aug 1877  COMMONS        Georgina       Somerset Frome       age 4w
Burials           22 Jan 1878   COMMONS        Ann           Somerset Frome       age 75
Burials           06 May 1885 CUMMINGS       Joseph          Somerset Frome
Burials           09 Jul 1888    COMMONS        James        Somerset Frome       age 84
Burials           20 May 1897 COMMONS        Mary Ann        Somerset Frome       age 61

Record Type  Marriage Date Surname              Forename        County    Place      Bride’s name
Marriages      28 Jan 1749/50 COMINS           Joseph          Somerset Frome         Mary Blunt
Marriages      25 Nov 1773  BROOKMAN     William               Somerset Frome         Mary Cummins
Marriages      20 Apr 1778   WALLIS              Thomas        Somerset Frome         Anne Commins
Marriages      20 Dec 1784   BUD                    James      Somerset Frome         Betty Commons
Marriages      24 Oct 1805    COMMONS        Thomas           Somerset Frome         Rebecca Whimpey
Marriages      23 Jun 1828    COMMINGS       James            Somerset Frome          Ann Flower
Marriages      08 Jul 1855     COMMONS        James           Somerset Frome        Mary Ann Dunning
Marriages      25 Mar 1883   HAPPERFIELD  Tom                 Somerset Frome         Ellen Commons
Marriages      14 Apr 1884   JAMES               Henry        Somerset Frome        Emily Jane Commons
Marriages      25 Apr 1896   HILLIER             Albert       Somerset Frome        Eliza Commons
Marriages      21 Jul 1901     GRAINGER        Herbert Henry  Somerset Frome       Alice Louisa Commons

It would appear that all these parish register entries are for the same family line, which would indicate that Mary Ann Cummins’ relationship to Elizabeth Whimpey nee Clement(s) is – husband’s nephew’s wife (to be more precise her husband’s half-nephew’s wife, as James Cummins was William Whimpey’s half-brother).

Using the records I have accessed so far, I have set up a family tree for the family.Cummins family. – you may notice I don’t have many sources in this descendant report.  This is a preliminary outline of the information I have gathered – I will go in later to add the source citations (since I have recently started setting up a new family tree, this may take some time.)