52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks February summary

On the 15th January, I had a post 52 Ancestors 2014 Summary.  In this post, I said

“Since I didn’t start the challenge until nearly half way through the year, I have now started a new challenge for this year, as well as continuing the series from last year.  I therefore will be posting two posts a week, until I have finished the 2014 series.  Each month in 2015 I will therefore provide a summary of the posts added that month”.

And then I forgot that I was going to do this, so I’m now playing catch up.  Also, in this post, I didn’t mention where the idea for this challenge came from – this came from Amy Johnson Crow’s No Story Too Small blog.

These were my 52 ancestors in 52 Weeks posts in February

The continuation of the 2014 Series:

#33 Maria Louisa Doyle posted 1 Feb 2015

#34 Henry Palmer Marr posted 8 Feb 2015

#35 Thomas Arthur Willis posted 15 Feb 2015

#36 William John Reeves posted 22 Feb 2015

In 2015, Amy interested a theme into the challenge.

#5 Alexander Alexander Harley posted 2 Feb 2015. This week’s theme was “ploughing through” (Amy’s theme was actually “plowing through”, but we spell it “plough” in Australia)

#6 John Leete posted 10 Feb 2015.  This week’s theme was “so far away”

#7 Ivy May Harley posted 17 Feb 2015.  This week’s theme was “Love” (in honour of Valentine’s Day).

#8 Edith Annie Willis posted 24 Feb 2015.  This week’s theme was “Good Deeds”