Genealogy software comparisons

RootsMagic vs Legacy

Over the last few weeks, I have been comparing how RootsMagic and Legacy perform in producing source citations.  I found that both programs were fairly similar, however I preferred the way the RootsMagic sources displayed when converted to Gedcom and then imported into my website, which used TNG (The Next Generation of Genealogy Site-building by Darryn Lythgoe).

However, after adding more information into the two programs, I have found that overall I prefer to use Legacy. Some of the reasons for this include:

  1. The way Notes are exported to gedcom – using Legacy I can keep the formatting of Notes, while RootsMagic isn’t able to.
  2. Legacy seems to be more comprehensive in the source templates for a variety of countries and types of records, while RootsMagic seems to mainly concentrate mainly on US or online sources – for example, I was unable to find a relevant source template in RootsMagic for Australian Immigration records that were found on microfilm.
  3. Legacy automatically sorts the order of spouses and children while entering data, while in RootsMagic you have to sort manually.
  4. Legacy has a larger range of shortcut keys to make data entry quicker.