Sunday afternoon Genealogy Fun

Sunday afternoon genealogy fun – When I was young part 3

Each week on Randy Seaver’s Genea-musings blog he has a post for Saturday night Genealogy fun.  Because of the time difference, I have called my series Sunday Afternoon Genealogy Fun.  This week is a continuation from the last two weeks:

For this week’s mission (should you decide to accept it), I challenge you to:

1)  Geneablogger Alona Tester has devised a new meme called the “When I Was Young” genea-meme on her blog, LoneTester HQ.

2)  Since the genea-meme is 25 questions, let’s do the last 10 this time.  This week, answer questions 16 to 25.

3)  Share your answers on your own blog post, in a comment on this blog post, or in a Facebook post or a Google+ post.

Here’s mine:

Q16.  What was entertainment when you were young?

The main entertainment when I was young was TV.  My dad sometimes took me to see an Australian Rules football match at VFL Park or the MCG. We would also go for walks, play on the swing in the backyard, or read.  In summer, we would go swimming at the Primary school pool – we were lucky enough to have a pool at school.

Q17.  Do you remember what it was it like when your family got a new fangled invention? (ie. telephone, TV, VCR, microwave, computer?)

I don’t really remember getting a new-fangled invention when I was younger – as long as I can remember we had a TV, fridge, electric stove, freezer, and washing machine, and VCRs, microwaves and personal computers didn’t come in until I was a bit older.  I guess the newest invention when I was younger was when we finally got a colour television in the 70s.

Q18.  Did your family have a TV? Was it b&w or colour? And how many channels did you get?

Our first TV was black and white, and we then had a colour TV in the 70s.  In Melbourne there were 4 TV channels – Channel 2 (ABC), HSV7, GTV9 and Ten.
We had TV shows from Australia (Matlock Police, Homicide, Division 4, The Sullivans are the main ones I remember), as well as the US (Brady Bunch, Gilligan’s Island, I Dream of Jeannie, Get Smart, – Friday nights there was often an Elvis Presley movie, and Saturday or Sunday nights Disney).

Q19. Did your family move house when you were young? Do you remember it?

My family never moved when I was young.  My parents had moved to the house a few years before I was born, and only moved again after dad retired.

Q20.  Was your family involved in any natural disasters happening during your childhood (i.e. fire, flood, cyclone, earthquake, etc)

Our family weren’t involved in any natural disasters during my childhood.  We did have a localized flood in the storage room attached to the garage.  Some paperwork, which included my sister’s family tree research, was destroyed.

Q21.  Is there any particular music that when you hear it, sparks a childhood memory?

The song Baker Street brings up a memory of when I first heard it at high school.

The other song that brings up a memory is the Skyhooks song Horror Movie. I was reading the C. S. Lewis book The Magician’s Nephew one time when I heard the song, and now the book and song are linked together in my memory.

If I hear any Suzi Quatro song, it makes me think about my sister, as she was a fan in the 70s.

Q22.  What is something that an older family member taught you to do?

My sister tried to teach me knitting and crocheting.  I think the biggest drawback was that she’s right handed and I’m left handed.  I seemed to pick it up better when I got a book and learnt it that way.  I often find it easier to follow instructions in a book, rather than have someone try to show me how to do it.

My dad didn’t even attempt to teach me to drive – I had driving lessons from an instructor.

Q23.  What are brands that you remember from when you were a kid?

Kelloggs, Kraft, Arnott’s, Nestle Quik, Milo, Aktavite, Sanitarium , SPC, Cottees

They’re pretty much all still around today.

Q24.  Did you used to collect anything? (ie. rocks, shells, stickers … etc.)

When on holidays at the beach, I liked collecting shells.  For a while, I collected stamps – that would mainly be because my dad did (I still have the stamp album, but I haven’t added to it in a while).  I also collected coins, and I still have some of these – although I tended to dip into my collection to spend the money!

Q25.  Share your favourite childhood memory.

My favourite childhood memory is probably our holidays at the Caravan Park at Kilcunda.  We used to play cricket with the other kids and adults, we went fishing, swimming, going for long walks along the beach, collected sea shells, went visiting my great aunt and uncle on the farm at Woolamai.