My Family History

Immigrant ancestors

Geneabloggers had a post on 20 April May I Introduce to you … Anne Young This post mentioned that Anne’s Favorite Blog Posts was Australia Day:  Climbing Our Family’s Gum Tree, the story of Anne’s immigrant ancestors
After reading this post, I decided to do a post about the immigrant ancestors for my children.

In total, there are fifty direct ancestors who were immigrants to Australia. 26 of these are on my side.

The earliest to arrive were John and Eliza Hooton, who came to Port Phillip in 1840 on the “John Bull”. This couple were on my ex-husband’s side of the family.
The earliest to arrive on my side of the family were my gg grandparents, Joseph Whimpey and Margaret Price, who came to Australia on the “Ward Chipman”, which arrived in Port Phillip in December 1841. Joseph and Margaret travelled with Joseph’s brother John Whimpey and John’s wife Caroline Jones. The brothers (or rather their wives) had a few children in Melbourne before moving to South Australia for a few years. John and Caroline remained in Adelaide, but Joseph and Margaret returned to Victoria in 1851, and went to the goldfields at Castlemaine, and then settled in the Newbridge/Tarnagulla area.

Were there any convicts? There were no convicts on either my side or my ex-husband’s side of the family.

Where did our ancestors come from? Twenty-three from England, eleven from Scotland, ten from Ireland, two from Germany, one from Denmark, one from Netherlands, one from Sweden, one from Wales.
On my side of the family, there were 15 from England, 5 from Ireland, 4 from Scotland, 1 from Sweden and 1 from Wales


Did any of our ancestors arrive under their own financial steam? About half paid their own way, and half were assisted passengers:

Row Labels Count of Name
assisted 24
unassisted 26
Grand Total 50

On my side it was exactly half and half

Row Labels Count of Name
assisted 13
unassisted 13
Grand Total 26

One of my ancestors was a mariner – he gained his master’s certificate in 1855 in London, and by the following year 1856 he had married and had a child in Melbourne.

How many ancestors came as singles? couples? families?
There were 33 who came as part of a family group, and 12 came out as singles. Five came as a couple (how can there be five if they were a couple? – one ancestor came out with her second husband, as her first husband had died).

On my side of the family, these figures were 18 in a family group, 6 singles, and 2 as a couple.

Did one person lead the way and others follow?
In the Clyne family, James was the first to arrive, then his brother David, and then some younger brothers and sisters, and finally their parents came out with the youngest of the children

In the Laver family, George Laver and his family came out first, and George’s brother and sister came out later.

In the Marshall family, I’m not sure who actually arrived first, but the last to arrive was Catherine, who came out in 1868 to join her aunts Anne Marshall Willis and Jane Marshall Perrin, and uncle Matthew Marshall.

In the Mulder family, John Theodore Mulder arrived first in 1848, followed by brother Thomas (my husband’s gg grandfather) in 1850, then their brother William, and finally their mother (my husband’s ggg grandmother) and her husband by her 2nd marriage.

In the Russell family, the Reverend Garrett John Russell came out first, and the rest of his family came out later, his wife and most of his children on one ship, and his mother and one son on another ship

The Clynes, Lavers, Marshalls, and Mulders were on my husband’s side – the Russells are on my side.

Which state(s)/colony did our ancestors arrive?
Most arrived in Victoria – 40 out of 50. Of the other 10, 4 arrived in South Australia, 5 in New South Wales, and 1 in Queensland.


On my side, the figure is 24 in Victoria, 2 in South Australia.


Number of arrivals by year of arrival:

Row Labels 1840 1841 1848 1849 1851 1852 1853 1854 1855 1856 1857 1859 1860 1862 1863 1868 Grand Total
Count of Name 2 2 1 7 3 3 7 1 3 4 3 4 2 4 3 1 50

My side

Row Labels 1841 1848 1849 1851 1852 1853 1854 1855 1856 1862 1863 Grand Total
Count of Name 2 1 6 1 2 2 1 1 4 3 3 26

Did they settle and remain in one state/colony? 

Although some arrived in other colonies, all of our ancestors ended up settling in Victoria, and they all died in Victoria.

Did any of our ancestors leave Australia and go “home”?

None of our ancestors appear to have returned “home” at all.