Sunday afternoon Genealogy Fun

Sunday afternoon genealogy fun – favourite photo

Each week on Randy Seaver’s Genea-musings blog he has a post for Saturday night Genealogy fun.  Because of the time difference, I have called my series Sunday Afternoon Genealogy Fun.

For this week’s mission (should you decide to accept it), I challenge you to:

1)  Show us one of your favorite photographs of your family – a group, yourself, your mom, your dad, your sibling(s), your grandparents, etc.  Tell us about it – the date, the event, the setting, the persons in the photograph.

2)  Share it on your own blog, in a comment on this blog, or on Facebook or Google+.

I’ve decided to use the following photograph which is of my great grandmother, Mary Reeves Marr, and her mother Mary Gill Reeves.  The building in the background is 58 Lothian Street, North Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, which was where my mum grew up.

M Reeves grocer
Photo of the grocer shop at 58 Lothian St North Melbourne where my mother’s family lived from the 1890s to 1950s. Standing in front was Mary Reeves Marr (the taller), and her mother Mary Gill Reeves.

Mary Gill was born 1829 in Cumberland, England, and christened 1 November 1829 at Torpenhow.  She died 21 December 1903 at Lambert Street, Ararat, Victoria, Australia.  I have decided to use Mary as my ancestor for my 52 Ancestors post, so I will be including more information about Mary in this post.

Mary Reeves was born 19 October 1864 at Amherst.  She married Henry Palmer Marr on 25 October 1883 at her parents’ residence at Craigie, in the Colony of Victoria.  After her marriage, Mary and her husband Henry lived for a number of years at Myrtleford, where their first seven children were born.  By the time their eighth child, John James Marr, was born in 1899, they had moved to 58 Lothian Street, North Melbourne, which is where the above photograph was taken.

As Mary Gill Reeves died in 1903, the photo would have been taken some time between about 1899 and 1903.

The following notes were sent to me by my aunt Margaret Marr, when she sent me a copy of this photo.

Enclosed is a Photo of 58 Lothian Street Granny & Granddad built it nearly 100 years ago it is not now still standing there is a small piece of paper saying who is in the Photo.  It was a Grocer shop too many got credit and had to close the doors.  Aunty Amy and her sisters over seeing Grandad bought next door and built the factory when it was closed the banks owned it.

58 Lothian Street North Melbourne Tallest Mary Reeves Marr her mother Mary (Gill) Reeves. She was always crocheting She did a lot of curtains “