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Northern Territory births, deaths and marriages

In preparing my Findmypast Fridays post, I noticed one of their collections was “Northern Territory birth, death and marriage indexes, 1870-1918”.

The Northern Territory didn’t exist until 1911.  Up until 1911, the area was part of South Australia (and earlier part of New South Wales), and I would have thought that the records would be held in South Australia or New South Wales.

So I decided to compare the entries in the Findmypast collection, and those on the Genealogy SA indexes.

I found that in 1870, there were a number of births in Palmerston on the Findmypast index.

On the Genealogy SA index, when I looked for one of the surnames I had found on the Findmypast index, the only entries for the surname were from Adelaide.

I already know that the Northern Territory Births, Deaths and Marriages had no online indexes.

So I decided to research where the records from the area that is now the Northern Territory can be found.  I found the answers on the National Library of Australia website

In summary:

1856 to 1863 – see New South Wales

1863-1870 – see South Australia

From 1870 – No freely available online index available, but there are CD Roms with this information

It would therefore appear that these collection at Findmypast may be the only online index to these records.