Sunday afternoon Genealogy Fun

Sunday afternoon genealogy fun – Where were your ancestors 150 years ago?

Each week on Randy Seaver’s Genea-musings blog he has a post for Saturday night Genealogy fun.  Because of the time difference, I have called my series Sunday Afternoon Genealogy Fun.

For this week’s mission (should you decide to accept it), I challenge you to:

1)  Determine where your ancestral families were on 16 May 1865 – 150 years ago.

2)  List your ancestors, their family members, their birth and death years, and their residence location (as close as possible).  Do you have a photograph of their residence from about that time, and does the residence still exist?

3)  Tell us all about it in your own blog post, in a comment to this post, or in a Facebook Status or Google+ Stream post.

Ball William Edward (1825-1893) with his wife Ann (nee Slawson) (1836-1878) (my ggg grandparents) and children: Elizabeth Ann Ball (1856-1909) (my gg grandmother), Emma Esther Ball (1859-1921), Alice Ida Ball (1861-1919), Clara Caroline Ball (1862-1948) and George Edward Ball (1865-1930) were living somewhere around Sale in the colony of Victoria. Son George Edward Ball was born in September 1865 at Stringers in the district of Sale.  I haven’t been able to locate where Stringers was located, so I don’t know the exact location where the family were living

Campkin Stephen (1795-1869) (my gggg grandfather).  The 1861 England Census shows that Stephen was living with his daughter Emma Farrow and her family at Earles Lane, Thetford St Cuthbert, Thetford, Norfolk, England.  He died in 1869 in the Thetford district, so he may have still been living there at the time of his death.  I don’t yet have his death certificate to confirm his residence at the time of his death.

Dandie Catherine (nee Hardie) (1799-1867) (my ggg grandmother) was living at Ferry Port on Craig, Fifeshire, Scotland.  At the time of her death she was living with her son in law Andrew Paterson at Elizabeth Street, so she may have also been living with the family in 1865.  It is now yet known which daughter had married Andrew.

Docwra Alfred (1824-1903), with his wife Mary (nee Scott) (1830-1885) (my ggg grandparents), and their children: Elizabeth (1855-1926), Stephen (1857-1923), James (1859-1951), Mary (1862-1942), and Joseph (1864-1941) were living in the Cheltenham/Moorabbin area in the colony of Victoria.  I have not yet been able to pinpoint their exact residence.

Doyle Thomas (1815-1886), with his wife Catherine (nee Mills) (1818-1899), (my ggg grandparents) and their children: Sarah Ann (1851-?), John George (1852-1910), William Samuel (1854-1929) and Frank (1856-1911) were living at Buninyong in the colony of Victoria.  The exact location of their residence is not known.

Gill Mary (nee Scott) (1792-1872) (my gggg grandmother).  Mary died in 1872 at Cockatoo Gully, near Majorca in the Colony of Victoria.  She was possibly also living there in 1865.

Harley Robert (1817-1891) with his wife Euphemia (nee Dandie) (1824-1902) (my ggg grandparents), and children John Dandie (1847-1900), Mary Bell (1848-1922), Euphemia (1853-1929), Janet (1855-1951), Catherine (1857-1917), Robert (1859-1935), Agnes Moncur (1862-1937), Elizabeth Bower (1864-1941) were living at Hesket (near Rochford) in the colony of Victoria. The exact location of their residence is not yet known.

Marr James (1827-1899) with his wife Martha (nee Richardson) (1827-1882) (my ggg grandparents), and children Peter (1847-1889), Charles John (1850-1933), Catherine (1852-1928), Jemima (1857-1913), Henry Palmer (1859-1944) (my gg grandfather), Alexander (1861-1934), Matilda Stewart Gordon (1865-1948), were living at Majorca in the colony of Victoria.  The exact location of their residence is not known.

Oldroyd Mark (1791-1868), with his wife Elizabeth (nee Sidebottom) (1796-1878) (my ggg grandparents), were living in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England.   The 1861 Census shows they were at Boom Mile, Stanley cum Wrenthorpe, and in 1868 when Mark died they were at Grand Stand, Alverthorpe, so their exact location in 1865 is not known.

Oliver Sylvester (1805-1879) with his wife Mary Ann (nee Burgess) (1806-1872) (my gggg grandparents) were living in Melbourn, Cambridgeshire, England.  Their exact residence is not yet known.  The 1861 census had shown that their daughter Elizabeth (1843-?) was with them. It is not known if she was still with them in 1865.

Reeves William (1805-1877), with his wife Maria (nee Crook) (1807-1871) (my ggg grandparents) were living in East Stonehouse, Devon.  Their exact residence is not yet known.  The 1861 Census showed that daughter Selina (age 17), and Rosena (age 14) were still living with them. Selina was married in 1865 and by 1871 Rosina had gone into service, so it is not yet known if Selina and Rosina would still have been living with their parents in 1865.

Reeves William John (1828-1888) with his wife Mary (nee Gill) (1829-1903), (my gg grandparents) and children: William (1859-1929), John Thomas (1860-1940), Maria (1862-1936), and Mary (1864-1951) (my great grandmother) were living at Amherst in the colony of Victoria.  Their exact residence is not yet known.

Russell Garrett John (1817-1877) (my ggg grandfather)was the incumbent of Buninyong, so he would have been living at the parsonage attached to the Holy Trinity Church in Buninyong. I visited the church in 2001, when a Russell family reunion was held, so I have seen the church, and I think I also saw where they would have lived, but I don’t remember.  I didn’t have a camera with me at the time.  His wife Susan (nee Greene) (1819-1884) (my ggg grandmother).  It is not known how many of their children would still have been living with them – Martin Bedford (1842-1883 – age 23), John William (1843-1924 – age 22), Susanna Marie (1849-1880 – age 16), Edward (1851-1898 – age 14), Robert Frederick (1853-1917 – age 12), and Francis Richard (1855-1918 – age 10).

Russell Thomas Henry (1844-1892), married Maria Louisa Doyle (1847-1925) (my gg grandparents), in April 1865.  They were living in Buninyong at the time of their marriage, but the exact location where they were living is not yet known.

Sharp Henry (1826-1892), with his wife Jane Elizabeth (nee Oldroyd) (1828-1902), (my gg grandparents) and children: Elizabeth Oldroyd (1848-1881), and Sarah Jane (1853-1906) may have been living at Newbridge, in the colony of Victoria in 1865.  They had arrived in Victoria from England in 1863, and daughter Hannah was born in 1867 in Newbridge.

Sharp William (1795-1866), with his wife Sarah Rose (nee Crossley) (1804-1868) (my ggg grandparents) would probably have been living at Baker’s Yard, Kirkgate, Wakefield, Yorkshire, England, as that is where William died in 1866.

Slawson George (1810-1889) (my gggg grandfather).  In 1861 George was living at 91 Syke Row, Brigstock Northamptonshire, England with his children Mary Ann (1844-?), Joseph (1849-?) and Thomas Burgess (1852-?).  By 1871 he had moved to Isham, and was a lodger in the household of Nathan Palmer. It is therefore not yet known where he would have been in 1865.

Stephens Susannah formerly Oliver, nee Campkin (1827-1880) (my ggg grandmother), with her second husband William Stephens, and children: George Oliver (1846-1930) (my gg grandfather), Silvester Oliver (1852-1897), Agnes Oliver (1854-1909), John Stephens (1858-1906), Henry Stephens (1864-1911) were living in Richmond (on the outskirts of Melbourne), in the colony of Victoria.  Their exact residence is not yet known.

Whimpey, Joseph (1819-1902), with wife Margaret (nee Price) (1816-1901), (my gg grandparents and children: John (1843-1926), Elizabeth (1845-1942), Joseph (1848-1919) (my great grandfather), Eliza (1851-1920), and Isaac (1855-1886) were living at Sandy Creek (Tarnagulla) in the colony of Victoria.  The exact residence where they were living is not yet known.

Whimpey William (1789-1870) was living in Frome, Somerset, England. (my ggg grandfather) The 1861 census shows he was living at Mill Street, and he died in the asylum in Frome in 1870, so it is not yet known exactly where he was living in 1865.

I had 40 ancestors living on 16 May 1865.

4 Great grandparents

16 Great great grandparents

16 GGG grandparents

4 gggg grandparents

Of these 40, 28 were living in the colony of Victoria, 11 in England and 1 in Scotland.