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Wednesday’s Resources – Utah, Obituaries from Utah Newspapers, 1850-2005

I recently came across a blog post (I can’t remember where) in which the author talked about how she was starting to use the England and Wales BMD indexes, and now needed to know what to do with this information.

In my Resources section, I have listed a number of resources that I have used for my family history, and I also do posts each week to list the new and updated collections at FamilySearch, Findmypast and ancestry.

After reading the post I mentioned, I thought it would be an idea to focus on one record collection each week, and write about which ancestors (or relatives) I may have found in a collection, and what action I would be likely to do after finding this information.

This week, I chose one of the recently added or updated collections at FamilySearchUtah, Obituaries from Utah Newspapers, 1850-2005

My gg grandfather, Joseph Whimpey, came to Australia from England with his brother John, while another of their brothers, Isaac went to the United States, and settled in Utah.  The first two results when I searched under the surname Whimpey were the obituary for Isaac’s son Isaac Lewis, and Isaac’s obituary.  I decided to look at the entry for the 3rd result on the list – Blaine or Jim Lewis Whimpey.  This record then gave the details of Blaine’s birth and death, names of children, parents and siblings.  Since this was only an index entry, where could I go to see the original obituary?  Fortunately, the entry also provided a link to the website with images from these newspapers –

This website provided a search box, but when I searched for Whimpey too many entries came up to find the right entry, and when I searched for “Blaire or Jim Lewis Whimpey” no entries came up.  I needed to go back to the details on the FamilySearch entry to narrow down my search.  First, I needed to select the Collection – Salt Lake Telegram 21, and then the date 19 November 1941.

This link is to that issue of the newspaper, but I now had to browse through this particular issue page by page.  Fortunately there were thumbnails on the right which made it easier, as most of these thumbnail images had the article names.  I skimmed through these thumbnails until I found “Obituaries”, and I was then able to find the obituary I was looking for.

Although I found that I already had a date of birth and death for Blaine in my tree, this newspaper added details that I didn’t know – that he was killed in an automobile accident, and that his wife, who had been with him, was seriously injured and in an Ely hospital.  This article also stated: “He resided most of his life at Genola, where he engaged in trucking, farming and mining.”

This article now raises new questions – did his wife recover, or did she die later from her injuries?  If she survived, did she remarry?