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Remembering those who served

This week’s theme in the 52 Ancestors in 52 weeks challenge was “Military”. This week, the United States will be observing Memorial Day. Do you have any military ancestors? Were any ancestors affected by the military or by war?

Since 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge is to primarily focus on ancestors, I decided to do my post about an Australian ancestor.  But in honour of Memorial Day, I decided to also do a post about two individuals in my family tree that were from the United States, who served in the military. I also decided to include a Roll of Honour for all those who died while serving in the military (not just those in the United States).

Dennis Hardie Marshall was born 17 July 1946 at Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire.  He was the son of George H. Marshall and Ruth Lovelace. Dennis was killed on 7 September 1967 at Quang Tri in Vietnam.  Searching on google, I found a number of entries for him, including:

There is also an entry for him at Find A Grave

The second family member from the United States is Charles Edward Hopkins.  Charles was born 27 January 1884 in Rhode Island.  He was the son of Charles Hopkins and Ellen Partridge T. Whimpey. At this stage, I have only found his draft registration cards, but these show that he served in both the First and Second World Wars.

Charles Hopkins WW1 Draft Registration
“U.S., World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918,” database and images, ( : accessed 26 Aug 2010), Charles Edward Hopkins born 27 Jan 1884; Registration State: Rhode Island; Registration County: Providence; Roll: 1852216.


Charles Hopkins WW2 Draft registration
 U.S., World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942 [database on-line]. ( accessed 26 Aug 2010), Charles Edward Hopkins born 27 Jan 184; National Archives at St. Louis; St. Louis, Missouri; World War II Draft Cards (Fourth Registration) for the State of Rhode Island; State Headquarters: Rhode Island; Microfilm Series: M1964; Microfilm Roll: 12
Charles married Mildred I. Snell on 18 August 1915. Charles died in July 1963, at the age of 79 years.

The following is a roll of honour for those in my family tree who died while serving in the military. At this stage, I only have one from the United States (Dennis Hardie Marshall).  The rest are from Commonwealth countries, so they can be found on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) website

Roll of Honour

Most of these are fairly distantly related to me, but I have highlighted the siblings of my ancestors.

Dennis Hardie Marshall 1946-1967 (American)

Eric Charles Arkell 1895-1916 (Australian)

Max Kenneth Dick Arkell 1897-1918 (Australian)

Reginald Campkin 1887-1918 (Canadian)

Sydney Baron Campkin 1891-1917 (Canadian)

Victor Christmas Campkin 1892-1917 (South African)

David Hamilton Clyde 1878-1916 (English)

Anthony Simpson Delmenico 1899-1917 (Australian)

William Thomas Dick 1894-1917 (Australian)

Francis Carlton Diddams 1894-1918 (Australian)

Thomas Faulks 1888-1918 (Australian)

Frederick Thomas Finch 1897-1918 (Australian)

Robert William Kerr 1888-1917 (Australian)

John Hilbert Matthews 1894-1915 (Australian)

William Charles Gordon Meiklejohn McKellar 1872-1917 (Australian)

Charles Francis Willis Murphy 1895-1917 (Australian)

Alexander Norris 1897-1917 (Australian)

George William Douglas Oliver 1888-1918 (Australian) George was the brother of my great grandmother Emily Alice Oliver.

Robert Swan 1898-1917 (Australian)

Stanley Roy Swift 1893-1915 (Australian)

Norman Lloyd Theisinger 1896-1916 (Australian)

George Horace Tidd 1891-1917 (Australian)

William Tidd 1893-1915 (Australian)

William Claude Whimpey 1895-1917 (Australian) Claude was the brother of my grandfather John Ernest Whimpey

Benjamin Herbert Woods 1889-1918 (English)

Robert Carlisle Barbour 1924-1944 (Australian)

Herbert Keith Burleigh 1921-1943 (Australian)

Wendell James Clark 1915-1944 (Canadian)

Geoffrey Albert Clyne 1924-1944 (Australian)

Charles Francis Day 1911-1942 (Australian)

Alan Henry Flowerday 1914-1942 (Australian)

Harrie Alexander Harley 1889-1944 (Australian) Harrie was the brother of my grandmother Ivy May Harley

William Knighton 1904-1945 (Australian)

Harold Ernest Magladry 1917-1942 (Canadian)

Reginald Alfred Marr 1919-1942 (Australian)

Stuart Marr 1904-1945 (Australian) Stuart was the brother of my grandfather Wilfred Palmer Marr

Douglas Holroyd Matthew 1915-1943 (Australian)

Robert Barr McPhan 1913-1943 (Australian)

Raymond St Clair Meiklejohn 1893-1943 (Australian)

Robert Bruce Meiklejohn 1921-1943 (Australian)

Thomas Archibald Meiklejohn 1920-1945 (Australian)

Eric Winn Mulder 1889-1942 (Australian)

William Harrrie Nettle 1916-1942 (Australian)

Eric Stuart Russell 1913-1942 (Australian)

Ian Nesbitt Russell 1912-1940 (Australian)

John Skelton Russell 1918-1942 (Australian)

Robert William Russell 1921-1942 (Australian)

Thomas Geoffrey Notcutt Russell 1921-1943 (Australian)

Eric Joseph Slawson 1913-1942 (Australian)

Arthur Edwin Spriggins 1911-1942 (Australia)

Geoffrey Roy Whimpey 1920-1944 (Australian)