52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks

52 Ancestors (2015) #22 Marshall family

For this week, I have decided to look at a family group, rather than just one ancestor.  This family came from OldLeighlin in county Carlow, Ireland.  Due to the conditions in Ireland in the early 1800s, most of this family decided to commence a new life in another country.

As many of the records in Ireland have been destroyed, and I have received conflicting information, it is hard to reconstruct the family’s details accurately, however, this is what I have pieced together so far.

Andrew Marshall was born about 1790 in OldLeighlin, Carlow, Ireland.  He married Judith Williams on 6 February 1810 at St Lazarian’s Cathedral, OldLeighlin.  Andrew and Judith had 3 children:

  1. Ellen b 1811 (or 1814)
  2. William b 1812
  3. Eliza b 1814 or 1815

Judith died, and Andrew then married Catherine Jane Leach.  They had another 13 children:

  1. John b 2 Dec 1817
  2. Deborah b 19 or 29 Jun 1819
  3. Sarah b 20 or 28 Feb 1821
  4. Matthew b 29 Dec 1822
  5. Andrew b 20 Oct 1823
  6. George b 22 Feb 1826
  7. Joseph b 20 Dec 1826
  8. Henry b 16 Aug 1830
  9. Ann b 3 May 1832
  10. Richard b 16 Apr 1834
  11. Jane b 29 Dec 1835
  12. Jane had a twin brother born 29 Dec 1835
  13. Thomas b 8 May 1837 (or 1839)

Ellen married Thomas Brew.  It is not known if they left Ireland, but their son Thomas migrated to the United States, and died in Racine, Wisconsin.

William married Hannah Pearson. They migrated to the United States, and by 1860 had settled in Chicago.

Eliza’s fate is not yet known

John married Ann Agar.  They migrated to the United States, and were also in Chicago in 1860.  They appear to have travelled to Canada first, as his daughter’s death certificate shows she was born in Toronto in 1852.

Deborah’s fate is not yet known.

Sarah married William Burroughs (Burrows).  She appears to have stayed in Ireland (there is a possible death for her in 1885 in Carlow).

Matthew married Eliza Ellison.  They migrated to the colony of Victoria

Andrew was married twice, firstly to a widow Mary Ann Hayes or Styles, and then to Jane Perrin (Jane’s brother William married Andrew’s sister Jane).  Andrew stayed in Ireland, but his eldest daughter, Catherine, later migrated to Australia.

George married Susannah James and they migrated to Ontario, Canada.

Joseph died aged 2 in 1828

Henry married Penelope Hanlon, and they also migrated to the United States, and were in Chicago at the time of the 1870 census.

Ann Marshall migrated to Australia in 1853.  She was in Sydney, New South Wales, first, where she met and married George Willis, and they later moved to the Bendigo area in Victoria. Ann and George were my ex-husband’s 2nd great grandparents.

Richard also migrated to the United States.  He was in his brother, John’s, household in Chicago on the 1860 US Census.

Jane migrated to Victoria, Australia, where she married William Perrin (his sister later married brother Andrew).

Jane’s twin brother died at birth

Thomas also migrated to Victoria, Australia, and was living with his nephew George Willis at Kerang at the time of his death.

So, of 16 children, 2 died young, 2 fate unknown, 2 stayed in Ireland, 1 either stayed in Ireland or went to the United States, 4 came to Australia, 4 went to the United States, and one to Canada.