Surname Saturday

Surname Saturday – Ball (Australia-Sweden-England)

The first person in my tree with this surname was my 2x great grandmother Elizabeth Ann Ball.  Elizabeth was born 27 December 1856 in Little Cremorne Street, Richmond in the Colony of Victoria.  She was the daughter of William Edward Ball and Ann Slawson.

William Edward Ball married Ann Slawson on 18 January 1855 at St Peter’s Church of England in Melbourne, colony of Victoria.  Besides Elizabeth, they had 10 other children:

  1. Emma Esther Ball 1859-1923
  2. Alice Ida Ball 1861-1919
  3. Clara Caroline Ball 1862-1948
  4. George Edward Ball 1865-1930
  5. Erick James Ball 1868-1932
  6. Florence Jessy Ball 1871-1942
  7. Martha Agnes Ball 1873-1905
  8. Christene Priscilla Ball 1876-1957
  9. Edla Louisa Ball 1876-1947
  10. Bertha Ellen Ball 1878-1937

William and Ann’s 9 daughters all married – Elizabeth married George Oliver, and Emma married Silvester Oliver.  George and Silvester were brothers.  Alice and Martha both married Frederick John Morck.  Martha married him first, in 1901, and after she died (in 1905), Alice then married him in 1909.  Clara married George Healey and Bertha married Edward Healey.  George and Edward were brothers.  Florence married William Pilgrim, Christene married Duncan Fraser and Edla married Robert Cross Ellis.

Of William and Ann’s 2 sons, only 1 married.  Erick James Ball married Annie Dominguez in 1898.  They appear to have had only one child, William Edward Ball who was born in 1899.  William married Amelia Ada Cook in 1927.  It is not yet known if they had any children.

The birth certificate for Elizabeth Ann Ball had showed that her father William Edward Ball had been born in Gottenburgh, Sweden.  At the time of her birth he was 31 years old, indicating a birth year of 1825.  The marriage certificate for William and Ann showed he was 29 years old (indicating a birth year of 1826), and also showed he was born in Gottenburg.  His parents were listed as James Ball, wine merchant, and Esther Erickson.  Elizabeth’s birth certificate had listed William’s occupation as storeman, while his marriage certificate had listed his occupation as master mariner.

This is as far back as I have been able to go back with certainty, however, a number of years ago I was sent a collection of papers on the Ball family, which included this list.

John HUNT son of Thomas & Ann HUNT    b.                     4 Feb                          1787 or 1707

Cornology (Chronology) From Adam to the flood

Was 1656 years

From Adam to Christ

3963-6 months & 10 days

Mary WINCH                                                                                                  1737

Ann BALL the wife of James BALL               d:                    13 May 1802 aged 67

(Therefore born about 1735/that would agree with the entry marked **)

Mary WINCH                                                                                                  1739

** Ann BALL                                                      b.                     19 Feb 1735? (Born feb ye 19 1735)

James BALL                                                        b.                     5 July 1738 (was boorn July the 5-1738)

19 October 1764 (was married October ye 19 1764)

                                                                                                James Ball His/This boock

                                                                                                Good {God} give him grace

                                                                                Their {there} in to Look and not to

                                                                                                Lock but un Der stand

                                                                                                The Vill/Will of god at his

                                                                                                Comand {command} John Ball

William BALL                                                      b.             25 Dec 1769 (Son of James Ball was Born Dec ye 25: 1769)

John BALL                                                           b.             24? Oct 1771

William BALL                                                      m.           30 Sept 179- (eaten) was marred Sept ye 30: 179?

Ann BALLdau.

(Dafter to William BALL)                                   b.             5 Aug (August ye 5 and Dyed {died} the 19 Of the same month 179-

19 Aug of the same month 179- (eaten)

Eliz Ann BALL                                                    b.             12 May 1795

                                                                                                (aclock in the morning)

Jeame?/James? BALL son of Wm BALL      b. December 12 1797

Mary BALL                                                          b.             3 May 1750

Waes ???? BALL                                                 b.             24? March        1758

Edward?/Edmond? BALL                                 b.             28 Feb  1743 (February ye 28 1743—Was Born)

John?/Jane? BALL                                             b.             14 Jan   1748 (January ye 14 1748—Wase Born)

Mary BALL                                                          b.             20 Nov  1750? (Different hadn-writing-could be that of a child)

John BERGIS                                                       about March 1821

James BALL of Gottenburgh               m.        30 Nov         1823 Esther Eliz.

George Joseph BALL                          b.         5 Sept           1824

William Edward BALL                        b.         3 Nov           1825

Alfred Henry BALL                            b.         1 Aug 1827

Federick Leonard                                 b.         22 April        1830

James BALL of Gottenburgh               d.         12 Aug          1834

William BALL of Herrington               d.         1 June 1841

The source of these entries is not yet known, but it does appear that they may have been from a family bible.  When I was sent these notes, the writer said they weren’t related to the family, and at the time I never thought to ask where the information came from!

The family of James and Esther seemed to correspond with what I already knew about William.  The date of birth of 3 November 1825 fits in with his age at the time of his marriage and on his daughter’s birth certificate.  The information that James Ball of Gottenburgh married Esther Erickson on 30 November 1823 also ties in with knowing that William was born in Gottenburgh, and that his parents were James Ball and Esther Erickson.

However, tracing the family further back in time has been more difficult.  Who was the William Ball of Herrington who died 1 June 1841?  Was he a brother of James, or perhaps James’ father?

Before trying to work out how the people mentioned before the entries for “my” family, I decided to see if I could find any trace of William’s siblings.  Although I haven’t yet been able to find any mention of Alfred or Frederick, I have found records that appear to be for George.

A Public Member tree at ancestry has an entry for a George Ericsen Ball born about 1824 in Gothenberg, Sweden, died 7 Jan 1877 at Hornsey, Middlesex, England.  This looks promising – our George’s mother’s maiden name was Ericsen, and the age and birthplace match.

The London, England, Deaths and Burials shows a burial for George Ericsen Ball on 16 January 1877 at Norwood Cemetery, Norwood Road, Lambeth, England.  Census records also show he was born about 1824 in Sweden, and was a British subject. I then decided to see if there were any other Ball entries at this cemetery, and I found the burial entry of a William Ball on 6 June 1841, aged 72 years.  Could this possibly be the William of Herrington who died 1 June 1841?  This age indicates a birth year of 1769, which matches up with the birth date in the notes of 25 December 1769.   However, Herrington is in the north of England.  Was Herrington the name of a property, rather than a town?

An indication that Herrington may not have been a town name, but the name of a property, is a coincidence I found. George Ericsen (also known as George Joseph) Ball was living at Elstree, Hertfordshire on the 1861 census.  A William Ball was christened 29 January 1770 at Elstree, Hertfordshire.  This christening date is a month after the birth date of our William.  The notes I have indicate that William’s parents were James and Ann, and these were also the name of the parents of the William born at Elstree.  There was also a John Ball christened 22 November 1771 at Elstree with parents James and Ann.  This would correspond with the entry on the notes for John BALL  b.  24? Oct 1771. The notes also indicated that James Ball married Ann Hunt on 19 October 1764 – I was able to find a marriage of a James Ball to Ann Hunt on 19 October 1765 at St Margaret, Edgware, in the London, England, Marriages and Banns, 1754-1921 database at ancestry.

There are also baptism records at Saint Martin in the Fields, Westminster that seems to match up with the birth dates of James Ball, in 1797, and Elizabeth Ann Ball, in 1795, however there doesn’t seem to be a corresponding marriage entry for William that would match the marriage date in the notes.

It does appear that the family lived in the London/Hertfordshire area, but further evidence is needed to be sure of this.