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Wednesdays resources – combining resources

Over the past few weeks, I have looked at three types of records that can be used to find birth, death and marriage information for an ancestor/relative in Victoria, Australia.  This week, I will be giving a practical example of how the three records can be used together, to save on the cost of ordering vital certificates.

My grandfather’s birth certificate had shown that he had four older siblings, Jane, Alfred, Joseph and Walter.

The first thing to do would be to search the birth indexes for Victoria to find the birth entries for Jane, Alfred, Joseph and Walter, and to check for any younger siblings of John.  The next thing to do would be to check the death indexes.  At the time I first researched this family, I accessed the birth, death and marriage indexes that were held on microfiche at my local library.  Since my maiden name is a fairly uncommon name, I decided to make a note of all the Whimpeys I could find on the BDM indexes for Victoria.  Now, the birth, death and marriages indexes can be found in a number of places – for more details refer to my post Wednesday’s resources – Birth death marriage indexes for Victoria, Australia

My search found the following children for Joseph Whimpey and Sarah Jane Sharp:


  • 1873     Whimpey        Jane Eliz                   6151           Joseph            Sharp Sarah Jane    Tarnagulla
  • 1874     Whimpey        Alfd Hy                     12594        Jos                    Sharp Sarah Jane    T’gulla
  • 1876     Whimpey        Joseph                      05755        Joseph            Sharp Sarah Jane    Tarn
  • 1879     Whimpey        Walter                      19766        Joseph            Sharp Sarah Jane    Tarn
  • 1884     Whimpey        John Ernest            13277        Joseph            Sharp Sarah Jane    Tarn
  • 1887     Whimpey        Emily                         24382        Joseph            Sharp Sarah Jane    Tarn
  • 1889     Whimpey        Ethelind Hannah   26820        Jos                    Sharp Sarah Jane    Tarnagulla
  • 1891     Whimpey        Wm Norman          7465           Jos                    Sharp Sarah Jane    Tarnagulla
  • 1892     Whimpey        Albt                            17990        Jos                    Sharp Sarah Jane    Tarnagulla
  • 1895     Whimpey        Wm Claude             16383        Jos                    Sharp Sarah Jane    Tarnagulla
  • 1896     Whimpey        Arth Edgar               23858        Jos                    Sharp Sarah Jane    Tarnagulla
  • 1898     Whimpey        Herbt                        6984           Jos                    Sharp Sarah Jane    Tarnagulla


  • 1891       Whimpey          Wm Norman      8375           Jos                  Sharp Sarah Jane           3m              Tarnagulla
  • 1897       Whimpey          Emily                     14903        Jos                  Sharp Sarah Jane           10               Tgulla
  • 1933       Whimpey          Alfd Hy                 117             Joseph          Sharp Jane Elizth            58               Bwk W*
  • 1954       Whimpey          Joseph                  12584        Joseph          Sharpe Sarah Jane         78               Cobu
  • 1960       Whimpey          John Ernest        9319           Joseph          Sharp Sarah Jane           76               Box H
  • 1965                               Albert Roy            24286    Joseph                        Unknown                          73           Heid*
  • 1969                               Walter                    5541       Joseph                        Unknown Hannah          89           Brun*
  • 1975                               Herbert                  01191    Unknown                  Unknown                          78           Gard*

*These entries needed to be verified as children of Joseph and Sarah.

My local library also had the Cemetery registers for the Fawkner Crematorium, the major crematorium for the northern suburbs of Melbourne, so I decided to check for any Whimpeys buried at that cemetery, and found the following entries that corresponded to the above death entries:

Whimpey      44014            Alfred Henry                4/1/1933

225127          Herbert                          6/11/1974

153172          John Ernest                   18/7/1960

126768          Joseph                            29/10/1954

195294          Walter                            19/3/1969

I also found an entry for:

175773          Arthur E                         13/4/1965

This meant I now had a burial date for 6 of the children of Joseph and Sarah, so now I would use these dates to narrow down my search for death notices.  Since these 6 children died and were buried within Melbourne, I searched one of the major newspapers for Melbourne, The Sun.  I found the old issues for this newspaper on microfilm at the State Library of Victoria.  This newspaper is not yet available online, so a visit to a library is needed to access these records.  As well as being held at the State Library of Victoria, this newspaper would also be held at other libraries around Australia. I’m not sure whether it is available anywhere overseas.

From the death notices, I now had the following death dates (I haven’t included my transcriptions, as they mention individuals still living):

  • Arthur Edgar 10 April 1965*
  • Herbert 3 November 1974 *
  • Walter 17 March 1969*
  • Joseph 28 October 1954
  • John Ernest 15 July 1960

I wasn’t able to find the death notice for Alfred in the Sun – prior to the second World War, the Sun had very few family notices.  At this time, these notices were more commonly inserted in the Argus.  The Argus is available on the Trove website, and I found the death notice for Alfred there.

Alfred Henry Whimpey death notice
Family Notices. (1933, January 3). The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 – 1957), p. 1. Retrieved July 1, 2015, from

WHIMPEY. –On the 2nd January, 1933, at his residence, 13 Fitzgibbon avenue, West Brunswick, Alfred Henry, loving husband of Hilda and loving father of Edna, William and Arthur, aged 58 years.



* I still needed to verify that Arthur, Walter and Herbert were sons of Joseph and Sarah – the death notices didn’t mention siblings or parents, only spouses and children.  Since the death certificates aren’t going to be any more help in confirming they were children of Joseph and Sarah than the index entries, another option for confirming this would be to search for marriage notices.  Since these marriages were prior to 1955, the first place to search is the Trove website

This is the marriage notice for Arthur.

Whimpey Alexander marriage notice
Family Notices. (1923, October 20). The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 – 1957), p. 17. Retrieved July 1, 2015, from

WHIMPEY-ALEXANDER.- On the 29th September, at the Presbyterian Church, Tarnagulla, by the Rev. J. A. Souter, Arthur, seventh son of the late Mr. and Mrs. J. Whimpey, of Tarnagulla, to Ella, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Alexander, of Tarnagulla.


I wasn’t able to find the marriage notice for Walter or Herbert, so to confirm their relationship, I would need to apply for the marriage certificates.  To do this, I would check the marriage indexes for marriage entries that corresponded to the spouses listed on their death notices.  These are the entries for Herbert and Walter.

  • 1907                            Whimpey Walt                        Russell Ellen Vera               Vic                      5725
  • 1922                            Whimpey Herbert                 Ford Mary Elizth Maude                              12233

Using these details, I was able to obtain the marriage certificates, which confirmed their parents were Joseph Whimpey and Sarah Jane Sharp.  At the time I obtained these certificates, I used the application form which was available at any Post Office in Victoria.  These days, the certificates can be ordered online at

In this case, there were 12 children of Joseph and Sarah, so obtaining a birth, death and marriage certificate for each child would be quite expensive.  Although not as accurate as the certificates, using family notices is a cheaper alternative.