Sunday afternoon Genealogy Fun

Sunday Afternoon Genealogy Fun – What Sort of Genealogist are you?

Each week on Randy Seaver’s Genea-musings blog he has a post for Saturday night Genealogy fun.  Because of the time difference, I have called my series Sunday Afternoon Genealogy Fun. This week the mission was:

Here is your assignment if you choose to play along (cue the Mission Impossible music, please!): 

Thomas MacEntee wrote Careers in Genealogy — a 2012 Update three years ago.  Jill Ball referred to it this week in her post,  What Sort of Genealogist Am I?  

1)  For SNGF this week, please answer the question – What Sort of Genealogist Am I? – using Thomas’s categories (or make up one or more of your own).  Provide some career background if you want.

2)  Share your answers with us in your own blog post, in a comment to this blog post, or on Facebook or Google+.

  • Researcher: The most traditional of genealogy careers – someone who performs research for a variety of clients, both personal and institutional. I began researching my family history in Christmas 1990 when my brother-in-law gave me a copy of a family history on the Willis Family. I have been researching my family history ever since, and have also performed two small research projects for clients.
  • Author: Someone who writes about various aspects of genealogy and family history, from magazine articles to books. I don’t really classify as an author, although I guess since starting my blog last year, I have begun to be one.
  • Educator: With almost any industry or field, people who are new will want to learn how to perform certain tasks. This isn’t an area that I have got into yet. 
  • Curator: Again, one of the most notable genealogy curators is Dick Eastman of Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletterwho scours a variety of sources and picks the articles and items that are important to the genealogy industry. On a small scale I have done the same sort of thing in my blog posts, and in the Resources section on my site, where I have set out some of the resources that can help with genealogy.
  • Archivist: Many repositories have staff with a genealogy background who work to preserve artifacts, documents and the like so that researchers can better understand them and have access to them. Since I am the one in the family who collects and stores artifacts and documents for the family, I am the family archivist.
  • Librarian: There are quite a few genealogists with their library science degrees and backgrounds who work for genealogical libraries as well as other types of libraries. This classification doesn’t apply to me.
  • Analyst: With any growing industry (the genealogy industry in my opinion is growing), there is a need for people to analyze various data points including demographics, buying habits, etc. I don’t think this classification would apply to me either
  • Marketer: Another growth area in the genealogy industry especially when it comes to social media. This is also a classification that doesn’t apply to me.
  • Retailer: Just look at any genealogy conference or expo and you’ll see booksellers, craftspeople selling their handmade goods related to family history, and more. At this stage, family History is more of a hobby, so this classification doesn’t apply to me.