Surname Saturday

Surname Saturday – Burgoyne (England)

The only person in my family tree with this surname (at this stage) is Ellen (or Helen) Burgoyne.  My ancestral line is:

 1 Lois Whimpey

2 Ivon Walter Whimpey (1923-2009)
3 Edith Jean Marr (1922-1990)

6 Wilfred Palmer Marr (1892-1955)
7 Edith Meriden Docwra (1904-1948)

14 Harry Docwra (1866-1934)
15 Emily Alice Oliver (1877-1925)

28 Alfred Docwra (1824-1903)
29 Mary Scott (1830-1885)

56 Tempest Sell (1787-1861)
57 Jane Docwra (1800-1840)

112 Simeon Sell (1753-1823)
113 Edith Leete (1765-1798)

226 Simeon Leete (1740-1807)
227 Elizabeth Fossey (1746-aft 1807)

452 Simeon Leete (1697-1777)
453 Mary Warren (1702-1779)

904 Simeon Leete (bet 1664 and 1667 – 1723)
905 Elizabeth Gaylor (1677-1746)

1808 Robert Leete (1639-1713)
1801 Judith (b abt 1640-?)

3616 William Leete (1607-?)
3617 Elizabeth Baron (abt 1610-?)

7232 Simeon Leete (1573-?)
7232 ?

14464 Robert Leete (1540-1597)
14465 Alice Grundy (b abt 1550-?)

28928 John Leete (b abt 1500-1551)
28929 Ellen Burgoyne (b abt 1500-1564)

Ellen was mentioned on the Visitations of Cambridgeshire in 1575 and 1619.  All that it shows is that she married John Lete of Everden Cambridgshire, and she was the daughter of … Burgoyne.

There is also information about Ellen in the book “The Family of Leete”, (by Joseph Leete, in conjunction with John Corbet, 1906).  Copies of this book are available at:

This book states she died in 1564 and administration of her property was granted to her son Thomas on 2nd May 1564.

There are a number of family trees online that include John and Ellen, and many of them show Ellen’s parents as Christopher Burgoyne and Thomazine Freville. However, I have been able to find Christopher and Thomazine in the Visitations of Cambridgeshire, and Ellen isn’t listed as one of their children – their children are listed as Thomasin, Alice, Elizabeth, Mary, Gregory and George.  I haven’t been able to find Ellen in the Burgoyne families listed in the Visitations for Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire either, so I have not yet confirmed who her parents were.

The surname Burgoyne can be traced back in England to the Norman Invasion, and was used to denote someone from Burgundy in France.