52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks

52 Ancestors #31 Whimpey family

Amy Johnson Crow introduced the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge on her No Story Too Small blog in 2014. This year she continued the challenge, but also added a weekly theme. This week’s theme is: Easy: We ended July with “Challenging,” so it seems fitting to begin August with “Easy.” Which ancestor has been pretty easy to research? (Come on, there has to be one!)

For this topic, I’ve decided to look at a family, rather than an individual ancestor. Probably the easiest family to research was my dad’s family, the Whimpey family. For one thing, the surname is uncommon. Also, the brother of my 2x great grandfather (Isaac Whimpey 1827-1912) was a member of the LDS church, and he and his family settled in Utah. This branch had contacted my dad in the 1970s, and had sent him a small amount of information about the family, including copies of a couple of birth, death and marriage certificates.

In December 1991, my cousin sent me a family tree which mainly detailed the descendants of one of my dad’s uncles, but also included other information on the Whimpey family. Then in 1995, I was sent a family history by the same person who had prepared the family tree, which contained a lot more information on the family. Since then I have used a number of different sources to verify the information I’ve been given, and to also expand my family tree even further.

The following is my lineage chart:

Lineage Chart for Lois Vivienne Whimpey

Lois Vivienne Whimpey

Ivon Walter Whimpey – Father
b. 21 Jan 1923, Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia
m. 20 Dec 1952, Brougham St Methodist Church, North Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
d. 16 Dec 2009, Wonthaggi Hospital, Wonthaggi, Victoria, Australia

Edith Jean Marr – Mother
b. 11 Jun 1922, Eramosa Rd, Somerville, Victoria, Australia
d. 9 Apr 1990, Wonthaggi Hospital, Wonthaggi, Victoria, Australia
John Ernest Whimpey – Grandfather
b. 19 May 1884, Newbridge, Victoria, Australia
m. 22 Sep 1914, Methodist Church, Kilcunda, Victoria, Australia
d. 15 Jul 1960, Box Hill Hospital, Box Hill, Victoria, Australia

Ivy May Harley – Grandmother
b. 6 Sep 1890, 33 Hambleton St, Albert Park, Victoria, Australia
d. 4 Jun 1959, 63 Brown St, Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia
Joseph Whimpey – Great-grandfather
b. 10 Jan 1848, Mt Barker, South Australia, Australia
m. 27 Mar 1872, Laanecoorie, Victoria, Australia
d. 13 Jul 1919, Tarnagulla, Victoria, Australia

Sarah Jane Sharp – Great-grandmother
b. 3 Jan 1853, Wakefield, Yorkshire, England
d. 28 Jun 1906, Tarnagulla, Victoria, Australia
Joseph Whimpey – 2nd great-grandfather
b. 13 Aug 1819, Frome, Somerset, England
m. 15 Jan 1840, Bedwellty, Monmouthshire, Wales
d. 6 May 1902, Tarnagulla, Victoria, Australia

Margaret Price – 2nd great-grandmother
b. 14 Feb 1815, Merthyr Cynog, Breconshire, Wales
d. 31 Jul 1901, Tarnagulla, Victoria, Australia
William Whimpey – 3rd great-grandfather
b. 5 May 1789, Frome, Somerset, England
m. 14 Jul 1817, Frome, Somerset, England
d. 27 May 1870, Asylum, Frome, Somerset, England

Elizabeth Clement – 3rd great-grandmother
b. Abt 1792, chr. Frome, Somerset, England
d. 28 Mar 1860, Bridge Barton, Frome, Somerset, England
Joseph Whimpey – 4th great-grandfather
b. 29 Aug 1761, Frome, Somerset, England
m. 10 Jun 1783, St John The Baptist Parish, Frome, Somerset, England
d. 8 Feb 1790, Frome, Somerset, England

Rebekah Dredge – 4th great-grandmother
b. Bef 21 Sep 1760, chr. Frome, Somerset, England
d. Bef 22 Dec 1844, Frome, Somerset, England
John Whimpey – 5th great-grandfather
b. Bef 25 Dec 1710
m. 22 Jul 1742, Frome, Somerset, England
d. 12 Apr 1780

Susanna Curtis – 5th great-grandmother
b. Abt 1720
d. 30 Jul 1794, Frome, Somerset, England
Thomas Whimpey – 6th great-grandfather
b. Bef 13 Nov 1678, chr. Frome, Somerset, England
m. 31 Mar 1706, Frome, Somerset, England
d. 12 Jul 1726, Frome, Somerset, England

Elizabeth Bigwood – 6th great-grandmother
b. Abt 1680
Nicholas Whimpey – 7th great-grandfather
b. 16 Apr 1650, Frome, Somerset, England
m. Abt 1675
d. 5 May 1721, Frome, Somerset, England

Ann – 7th great-grandmother
b. Abt 1650
d. 24 Oct 1710, Frome, Somerset, England
Thomas Whimpey – 8th great-grandfather
b. Bef 1 May 1620, chr. Frome, Somerset, England
m. 12 Apr 1640, Frome, Somerset, England
bur. 1 Apr 1674, Frome, Somerset, England

Fortune Draper – 8th great-grandmother
b. Abt 1620
Thomas Whimpey – 9th great-grandfather
b. Bef 19 Apr 1579, chr. Frome, Somerset, England
m. 11 Jul 1615, Frome, Somerset, England

Joan Antrom – 9th great-grandmother
b. Abt 1580
John Whimpey – 10th great-grandfather
b. Abt 1540
m. 28 Aug 1566, Frome, Somerset, England

Joana Danyall – 10th great-grandmother
b. Abt 1540

3 thoughts on “52 Ancestors #31 Whimpey family”

  1. Dear Lois, I have admired your wonderful system in keeping trace of your Whimpey ancestors. I am also a third great granddaughter of William Whimpey and am busy preparing a hand-out for my family (brothers and sisters and their children). Also I have recently received information about what battles William participated in during the wars preceding the Battle of Waterloo in which he participated. It is amazing just what he did joining the British army at the age of 16. At present I am 85 years of age and am taller than he would have been. So you and I are third cousins. It is a thrill to get to know you through your wonderful work. Sincerely, Delna Evans Macfarlane.


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