Surname Saturday

Surname Saturday – Clement(s) (England)

The ancestor with this surname in my tree is my 3x great grandmother, Elizabeth Clement.

My line is:
1. Lois V. Whimpey

2. Ivon Walter Whimpey (1923-2009)
3. Edith Jean Marr (1922-1990)

4. John Ernest Whimpey (1884-1960)
5. Ivy May Harley (1890-1959)

8. Joseph Whimpey (1848-1919)
9. Sarah Jane Sharp (1853-1906)

16. Joseph Whimpey (1819-1902)
17. Margaret Price (1816-1901)

32. William William (1789-1870)
33. Elizabeth Clement (1792-1860) Elizabeth was born about 1792. There is a christening in Frome in 1792 for an Elizabeth Clements, on 28 January. This child was the daughter of Thomas Clements and Joan Ames.  As this matched up with Elizabeth’s age on the census records, it was thought that this christening was for our Elizabeth.  However, when I went looking through the transcriptions of the baptisms in Frome on the Frome Research site, for any mention of the Whimpey surname, I found the following baptism entry.

Baptism entry no 1024 Elizabeth Clements parents Thomas & Susannah Abode Blue Boar Yard, father a shearman, aged 61, now wife of William Whimpey

The mention of her as “now wife of William Whimpey”, confirmed that this was my 3x great grandmother.  The question now is, why was she baptised so late?  Could the 1792 entry be for the same Elizabeth?  The two baptisms both list the father as Thomas, but the mother’s names are different – Joan on the 1792 entry, and Susannah on the later entry. In searching FreeReg for a baptism for Thomas Clement(s), I only found one entry that was the right age to be Elizabeth’s father, including in neighbouring parishes.

Since I can’t be sure that the baptism for the Thomas Clement(s) in 1759 is the same as my Elizabeth’s father, I haven’t been able to go back further on the Clement(s) line at this stage.

Elizabeth married William Whimpey on 14 July 1817.  As mentioned in my post last week about William Whimpey, they had had one daughter before their marriage, Eliza, who was born around 1811, and later baptised in 1833.  AFter their marriage, they had eight other children.

The 1841 England Census shows Elizabeth was in the household of William Whimpey at Wine Street, Frome, Somerset.  She was age 45, occupation wool picker, born in Somerset.

The 1851 England Census shows Elizabeth was in the household of William Wimpey at Fountain Lane, Frome, Somerset.  She was his wife, age 61, occupation wool picker, birthplace Frome, Somerset.

Elizabeth died 28 March 1860, at Bridge Barton, Frome, and was buried 1 April 1860.