Surname Saturday

Surname Saturday – Dandie (or Dandy) from Fife, Scotland to Victoria, Australia

The first person with this surname in my tree was my 2x great grandmother Euphemia Dandie.  My line is:

1 Lois Whimpey

2 Ivon Walter Whimpey (1923-2009)
3 Edith Jean Marr (1922-1990)

4 John Ernest Whimpey (1884-1960)
5 Ivy May Harley (1890-1959)

10 Alexander Alexander Harley (1866-1939)
11 Henrietta Louisa Russell (1865-1949)

20 Robert Harley (1817-1891)
21 Euphemia Dandie (1824-1902).  Euphemia was born 15 March 1824, and baptised 21 March 1824 in Ferry Port on Craig, Fifeshire, Scotland.  She was the daughter of John Dandie and Catherine Susannah Hardie.   Euphemia married Robert Harley in 1846 in Dundee, and they had 3 children in Dundee, before migrating to Australia in 1852 on the “Wanata”.  Robert and Euphemia then had another 6 children in Australia. (They also appear to have adopted another child as his marriage certificate lists them as his parents, but no birth record has been found for him, and he is not listed on their death certificates). Euphemia died on 1 October 1902 at “Ulster”, Hambleton Street, Albert Park, Victoria, Australia.

Euphemia’s father John Dandie was born 18 December 1800, and christened 21 December 1800 at Kilmany, Fife, Scotland.  His parents were John Dandie and Janet Donaldson.  He was buried 6 May 1841 at Ferry Port on Craig.

His father John Dandie was christened 4 February 1762 at Kilmany, Fife.  His parents were John Dandie and Eupham Steven. He died 27 March 1851 at Ferry Port on Craig.

His father John Dandie was christened 8 April 1733 at Kilmany, Fife.  His parents were John Dandie and Helen Henderson.  He died 20 November 1816 at Kilmany.

I have not yet found the baptism record for the John Dandie who married Helen Henderson, so I have not been able to verify who his parents were.  However, there were very few instances of the surname Dandie (or its variants) in the parish registers for Fifeshire, so it seems probable that he was the son of John Dandie, who was christened in 1665 in Balmerino, and was the son of James Dandie and Margaret Neish.  There were a number of children born to John Dandie between 1697 and 1707:

  • Jean Dandie 24 July 1697 at Balmerino
  • Jean Dandie 23 March 1701 at Balmerino
  • James Dandie 23 March 1701 at Balmerino
  • Margery Dandie 2 March 1707 at Kilmany

No marriage record has been found for John, and the parish registers don’t list the mother’s name.

James Dandie was probably the son of William Dandie and Effie Gilchrist.   The earliest instance found for the surname Dandie in Fifeshire was the baptism of Agnes Dandie in 1633 to William Dandie and Effie Gilchrist.  There was also a Janett Dandie born in 1640 to Williame Dandie. Based on the baptism for John in 1665, James would probably have been born in the 1630s, so his birth would probably fall between the two baptisms that have been found.

The main source of information for the Dandie family has been the Old Parish Registers on the ScotlandsPeople website