52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks

52 Ancestors #40 Mary Reeves

Amy Johnson Crow introduced the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge on her No Story Too Small blog in 2014. This year she continued the challenge, but also added a weekly theme.  This week, the theme is October: What ancestor has a birthday or anniversary in October?

The ancestor I have chosen is my great grandmother Mary Reeves.  Mary was not only born in October, she was married in October, and buried in October.

Mary Marr nee Reeves
Mary Marr nee Reeves

Mary Reeves was born 19 October 1864 in Amherst, in the colony of Victoria. Mary was the fourth of 5 children born to William John Reeves and Mary Gill.

Mary was married on 25 October 1883 at her parent’s residence in Craigie.  Mary was 18 years old.  There was no occupation listed for Mary, so she would probably have helped her mother around the house.  Her father William was working as a miner.

Mary’s husband Henry worked for the Victorian Railways, and by 1885, when their first daughter Amelia was born, they had moved to Myrtleford.  They lived at Myrtleford for a number of years, and six more of their children were born there; Henry in 1887, Mary in 1889, Elsie in 1891, Wilfred in 1892, George in 1895 and Alexander in 1897.

By 1899, when son John was born, they had moved to 58 Lothian Street North Melbourne. The photo above would therefore have been taken shortly before the family left Myrtleford, around 1898-1899.

2008-02-06 Marr family at Myrtleford
Marr family at Myrtleford

The family lived at 58 Lothian Street North Melbourne for many years, and two more children were born there, Martha in 1901 and Stuart in 1904.  Henry and Mary retired to Baxter but they had returned to North Melbourne when Mary’s husband Henry died in 1944.

Mary died 27 September 1951 at the age of 86.  She was buried at the Fawkner Cemetery on 1 October 1951.

M Reeves grocer
Photo of the grocer shop at 58 Lothian St North Melbourne where my mother’s family lived from the 1890s to 1950s. Standing in front was Mary Reeves Marr (the taller), and her mother Mary Gill Reeves.