Surname Saturday

Surname Saturday – Doyle

The first ancestor with this surname is my 2x great grandmother Maria Louisa Doyle.

My line is

1 Lois Whimpey

2 Ivon Walter Whimpey (1923-2009)
3 Edith Jean Marr (1922-1990)

4 John Ernest Whimpey (1884-1960)
5 Ivy May Harley (1890-1959)

10 Alexander Alexander Harley (1866-1939)
11 Henrietta Louisa Russell (1865-1949)

22 Thomas Henry Russell (1844-1892)
21 Maria Louisa Doyle (1847-1925). Maria was born 17 January 1847, and baptized 8 February 1847 at St Phillip, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England.

Her parents were Thomas Doyle and Catherine Mills.  Thomas’ death certificate shows he was born in Dublin, Ireland, and his parents were listed as Samuel Doyle and Catherine Allen.  Thomas had moved to Birmingham, where he married Catherine Mills on 8 July 1844 at St Bartholomew’s in Edgbaston.  Thomas and Catherine had a number of children in England before migrating to Australia in 1862.

Since the information on the death certificate may not be accurate, and given how common the name Thomas Doyle is, as well as the fact that I am not sure whether he would have been baptized in a Catholic Church or not, I have been unable to find a baptism record for him yet.   I have therefore not yet been able to trace the family back further from Thomas.

Thomas Doyle and Catherine Mills had 8 children:

  1. John Howard Doyle born in 1845, and baptized 3 August 1845, in Atherstone, Warwickshire, England, died in 1852 in Birmingham
  2. Maria Louisa Doyle my 2x great grandmother
  3. Thomas Allen Doyle born 26 October 1846 and baptized 24 November 1848 in Twyning, Gloucestershire. He appears to have been baptized again 31 October 1853 in St Paul, Birmingham, died in 1855 in Aston, Warwickshire
  4. Nathaniel Doyle born in 1850 in Birmingham, died in 1851 in Aston
  5. Sarah Ann Doyle born abt 1851 in Aston. She migrated with the rest of the family to Australia in 1862.  The last possible record for her was on a passenger list in 1912.  No death has yet been found for her.  She never married.
  6. John George Doyle born in 1852 in Capesthorne, Cheshire, died in 1910 in Heathcote, Victoria. No marriage has yet been found for him.
  7. William Samuel Doyle born 1 October 1853 and baptised 31 October 1853 at St Paul, in Birmingham. He died in 1929 in Queensland, Australia. He married and had 7 children, 4 daughters and 3 sons.
  8. Frank Doyle was born 13 October 1856 and baptized 6 November 1856 at George St, Birmingham. He died in 1911 at Blackheath, New South Wales. He married and had 3 sons.