Sunday afternoon Genealogy Fun

Sunday Afternoon Genealogy Fun – Your Father’s Mother’s Patrilineal Line

Each week on Randy Seaver’s Genea-musings blog he has a post for Saturday night Genealogy fun.  Because of the time difference, I have called my series Sunday Afternoon Genealogy Fun.  This week the emission was to share Thanksgiving memories.  Again, since I have lived all my life in Australia, this topic was not relevant for me.  Our national holiday celebrating the first settlement of the British in Australia is Australia Day, which is held on the 26th January.

As a result, I decided to go through Randy’s past Saturday Night Genealogy Fun missions for an idea of what to write about today. The mission that came up when I entered “Saturday Night Genealogy Fun” in Google was the one from July 5 2014 – Your Father’s Mother’s Patrilineal Line.  I’m pretty sure I haven’t done this mission before, so I’ve decided to do this mission.

1) What was your father’s mother’s name?

2) What is your father’s mother’s patrilineal line? That is, her father’s father’s father’s … back to the most distant male ancestor in that line?

3) Can you identify male sibling(s) of your father’s mother, and any living male descendants from those male sibling(s)? If so, you have a candidate to do a Y-DNA test on that  patrilineal line. If not, you may have to find male siblings, and their descendants, of the next generation back, or even further.

4)  Tell us about it in your own blog post, or in a comment on this post, or in a Facebook or Google Plus post.

1). My father’s mother’s name was Ivy May Harley (1890-1959). She was born in South Melbourne to Alexander Alexander Harley (1866-1939) and Henrietta Louisa Russell (1865-1949).

2) Ivy’s patrilineal line was:

  • Alexander Alexander Harley (1866-1939) who married Henrietta Louisa Russell (1865-1949)
  • Robert Harley (1817-1891) who married Euphemia Dandie (1824-1902)
  • John Harley (1797-1864) who married Agnes Moncur (1793-1850)
  • Robert Harley (1756-1837) who married Janet M’kay (1760-1833)

3) Ivy May Harley had 3 brothers:

  • Harrie Alexander Harley (1889-1944), married Olive Shine Dixon (1893-1981), and they had 3 sons. Each of these sons also had sons, so there are a number of Y-DNA candidates
  • Cecil Rupert Harley (1896-1977). Never married
  • Keith Aubrey Harley (1905-1941), married Evelyn Mary Cartwright (1913-1982). They had 2 sons. I don’t have information about the family of 1 of the sons, but the other son had 4 sons, so again, there are a number of Y-DNA candidates.

Alexander Alexander Harley had 3 brothers

  • John Dandie Harley (1847-1900) married Mary Cottel, they had 4 sons. Robert Harley (1873-1948) had 2 sons, one died young, the other also now deceased who had one son still living.  Charles John Harley (1876-1947) no known children. John Dandie Harley (1881-1943) no known children. Alexander Harley (1883-1953) had 4 sons, all now deceased – I don’t have any information about their descendants at this stage.
  • Robert Harley (1859-1935) married Harriet Aysh. They only had 1 son, Richard Harley (1886-1951).  I don’t have any details about a marriage or children for him
  • William John Harley (1869-1931). Although William’s death and marriage certificates listed Robert and Euphemia as his parents, he isn’t mentioned on their death certificates, and a birth entry for him hasn’t been found, so he may not be their natural son.  Y-DNA testing of his descendants would help to clarify this – he had four sons, John Royston Harley (1897-1993), William Theodore John Harley (1898-1970), Alexander Valentine Harley (1902-1981), and another son who may still be living. I don’t yet have any information about living descendants

Robert Harley had 1 brother:

  • John Harley (1823-1891), married Elizabeth Bower (1825-1913).  John had 3 sons, John Harley (1854-1924).  John married late in life (1922), and had no children. Alexander Harley (1858-1931) had 5 sons, and these sons also had sons, so there are a number of Y-DNA candidates on this line. George Martin Bower Harley (1860-1943) had 6 sons.  These sons all married, and had sons, so there are also a number of Y-DNA candidates on this line as well.

I have been able to trace the Harley family back to Longforgan in Perthshire, but am having difficulty tracing the family back further.  I have been able to confirm my line back to John through the Victorian birth, death and marriage certificates, and from this found I am descended from John Harley and Agnes Moncur, who were married on 23 February 1817 in Longforgan, Perthshire, Scotland.  John’s death certificate listed his parents as Robert and Janet.  The Longforgan burials show entries for a Robert Harley age 81 who was buried in 1837, and a Janet M’Kay or Harley, wife of Robert Harley, buried in 1833, age 73.   The transcription of the 1851 census at ancestry lists John’s birthplace as Forres, Murrayshire.

The IGI has an entry for a John Harreld born 18 Sep 1792 and christened 23 Dec 1792 at Dallas, Moray, Scotland. His parents were Robert Harreld and Jennat Mcaish. Although there are some discrepancies, differences in spelling at that point in time were not uncommon, and Dallas is near Forres in Morayshire, so this seems likely to be the baptism entry for my John.

There was also a marriage of a Robert Harrald to Janet Hay in 27 Jun 1786 at Kinloss, Moray, Scotland.   Using the wildcards Har*l* at FamilySearch, there are a lot of Harrald (with variants such as Harald, Harrold, Harrell) entries in Morayshire, but the Harley spelling does not appear at all, until the later census records.

Y-DNA testing of direct male descendants may help to confirm that the surname was originally Harrald, and identify earlier ancestors.