Sunday afternoon Genealogy Fun

Sunday Afternoon Genealogy Fun – Your Ancestor Score for 2016

Each week on Randy Seaver’s Genea-musings blog he has a post for Saturday night Genealogy fun.  Because of the time difference, I have called my series Sunday Afternoon Genealogy Fun.

This week’s mission was:

1)  Determine how complete your genealogy research is.  For background, read Crista Cowan’s post Family History All Done? What’s Your Number? and Kris Stewart’s What Is Your Genealogy “Score?”  For comparison purposes, keep the list to 10 or 11 generations with you as the first person.

2)  Create a table similar to Crista’s second table, and fill it in however you can (you could create an Ahnentafel (Ancestor Name) list and count the number in each generation, or use some other method).  Tell us how you calculated the numbers.

3)  Show us your table, and calculate your “Ancestral Score” – what is your percentage of known names to possible names (1,023 for 10 generations).

4)  For extra credit (or more SNGF), do more generations and add them to your chart.

5)  Post your table, and your “Ancestor Score,” on your own blog, in a comment to this post, or in a Facebook Status post or Google+ Stream post.

I did the 2015 version of this challenge only a couple of months ago, so my statistics haven’t really changed from that post:  I therefore decided to do this challenge using my daughter as the starting person, since I am researching both my side of the family, and her father’s.

This is my table.

Generation Relationship Possible people Sum Identified people Sum % % of total
1 My daughter 1 1 1 1 100% 100%
2 Her parents 2 3 2 3 100% 100%
3 Grandparents 4 7 4 7 100% 100%
4 Great grandparents 8 15 8 15 100% 100%
5 2x great grandparents 16 31 15 30 94% 97%
6 3x great grandparents 32 63 30 60 94% 95%
7 4x great grandparents 64 127 56 116 88% 91%
8 5x great grandparents 128 255 85 201 66% 79%
9 6x great grandparents 256 511 68 269 27% 53%
10 7x great grandparents 512 1023 48 317 9% 31%
11 8x great grandparents 1024 2047 28 345 3% 17%

To get the counts, I used Legacy Family Tree, and ran an ancestor report, and then did a manual count.

Tracing our ancestors here in Victoria was easy, except for my ex-husband’s mother’s side of the family.  Her father’s birth certificate has no father listed, so I haven’t been able to add any details for this branch yet.  Tracing the families in Europe has been harder, due to limited access to records.  On some branches I have been able to trace the family back to the 1500s, while on others I haven’t been able to trace the family back much further than their arrival in Australia.