Surname Saturday

Surname Saturday – Hardie

This week, the surname I am looking at is Hardie.  The first person in my tree with this surname is Catherine Hardie.

My ancestor line is:

1 Lois Whimpey

2 Ivon Walter Whimpey (1923-2009)
3 Edith Jean Marr (1922-1990)

4 John Ernest Whimpey (1884-1960)
5 Ivy May Harley (1890-1959)

10 Alexander Alexander Harley (1866-1939)
11 Henrietta Louisa Russell (1865-1949)

20 Robert Harley (1817-1891)
21 Euphemia Dandie (1824-1902). 

42 John Dandie (1800-1841)
43 Catherine Susanna Hardie (1799-1867)

Catherine was born 13 September 1798 and baptised 16 September 1799.  On the 16 February 1822 she married John Dandie, and they had 11 children.  Catherine died 11 October 1867.

Catherine’s parents were Peter Hardie and Janet Henderson.  Peter and Janet were married 22 April 1797 at Ferry Port on Craig. At the time of their marriage, Peter was a widower.  Peter had first married Catherine Playfair on 8 December 1786, and they had 2 children: Ann born 1787, and Jean born 1790.  Catherine was buried 15 October 1795   Peter and Janet had 2 children: Catherine and Janet (born 1804).  Janet died in 1846, and Peter died in 1851.

All of the above events occurred at Ferry Port on Craig in Fifeshire, Scotland.

Peter was christened 28 December 1760 in Leuchars, Fifeshire.  He was the son of Peter Hardie and Ann Pattie.  Peter and Ann were married 8 December 1753 in Leuchars.  They had 3 children: Peter, Christian (born 1769) and William. (born 1775).  Peter had been christened 19 November 1721 in Leuchars.  He was the son of David Hardie and Christian Robertson.  David and Christian had been married 19 October 1716 in Leuchars, and they had three children: Margaret born 1718, David born 1722 and Peter.

A baptism record has not yet been found for David, so that is as far back as I have gone for the Hardie family at this stage.